Rhetoricity Lecture

From Levi Bryant, Nick Srnicek, and Graham Harman, The Speculative Turn:

with Derrida the mediation of language becomes all-encompassing, as the phenomenal realm of subjectivity becomes infested with linguistic marks. Throughout this process, any possibility of a world independent of the human-world correlate is increasingly rejected. (4)





From Derrida, La vie la mort:

this closure onto itself of the text that refers only to text has nothing tautological or autistic about it. On the contrary. It is because alterity is irreducible here that there is only text; it is because no term, no element here has any self-sufficiency nor even any effect that does not refer to the other and never to itself that there is text; and it is because the set called text cannot close onto itself that there is only text. (qtd. in Vitale 2014, 109)






Nancy, “Corpus”:

[T]hought is here taken back to “matter,” to its matter—thought is itself this renewal that does not come back, but that comes, properly speaking, to this existence—posited, suspended, confined in this very block, this network of tissues, bones, minerals and fluids out of which it does not go, because, if it did exit it, it would no longer think. (1993, 201)





Slime Mold solves maze: