Research Experience

Lab involvement

The University of Texas at Austin: 2013-present

Supervisor: Lars Hinrichs

Research areas:

  • Phonetic variation:
    • Two Candidates—One Accent: Article
      • Examined syllable-final /r/ and THOUGHT vowel raising in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, illustrating Trump’s linguistic performativity
    • STR Clusters and Ethnic Diversity
      • Examined palatized /s/ in STR clusters in Hispanic, White, and African-American speakers of Texas English
  • Corpus linguistics:
    • Data collection and archiving: Archive here
    • Prescriptivism
      • Conducted multivariate analysis of “whom” in written English corpus data since the 1800s


  • Film interviews with local people of interest
  • Coordinated, advertised, and filmed Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Public Lectures on Language Series

The University of Texas at Austin: 2019-present

Supervisor: Casey Boyle

Working to visualize linguistic data in interactive graphs using R and Shiny 

University of Oslo: September-October 2018

Supervisor: Unn Røyneland

Independent research on Taiwanese living in diaspora, exploring how they align themselves with the various identities and social groups associated with their national, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, and examining how language is used in the construction of these identity alignments. 

The University of Texas at Austin: 2016-2017

Supervisor: Tanya Clement

As a graduate assistant for IDS, I built and maintained the IDS website, created and managed all social media accounts, and collaborated with designers to create IDS media images and videos, as well as provided logistical and on-the-ground support for the Digital Humanities Pop Up Institute.

The University of Texas at Austin: 2012-2016

Supervisor: David Quinto-Pozos

Research areas:

  • Language processing of children with specific language impairment​
  • ASL acquisition by Deaf children


  • PsychoPy
  • SAS