Graduate Courses:

E384K Disciplinary Inquiry in Rhetoric and Writing

E387M Reading, Writing, and Arguing in Academic Disciplines

E387M Developing Relationships Among Readers, Writers and Texts

E387N Methods of Research in Rhetoric and Composition

E387M Scientific and Workplace Writing: Theory and Practice

E398T Teaching Practicum for Rhetoric and Composition 

Undergraduate Courses:

RHE 310 Intermediate Expository Writing

RHE 321 Principles of Rhetoric

RHE 325 Advanced Expository Writing

RHE 330C Rhetoric and Data Visualization

RHE 330D Kairos and the Rhetorical Situation

RHE 330D Ancient Jewish and Greek Roots of Social Justice

RHE 330E Divine Persuasion in Biblical Times and Places

RHE 309S Critical Reading and Persuasive Writing

RHE 306 Rhetoric and Composition