Analysis of Ashley’s Volvo Ad

Looking at the advertisement I am struck with the theme of Disney. The Volvo is driving down a dark road, with Disney Land behind it, giving light. The “Where Dreams Really Do Come True”, says to me that with buying the Volvo you would fulfilling a childhood dream, like going to Disney Land. There is a picture of Ella from Frozen, a very successful Disney movie. There is also Tinkerbell, who is flying above the Volvo, as if she were sprinkling magic over it. There is also pixie dust surrounding the car, which correlates back to the Disney theme of magic and dreams really coming true.

The most important feature is Disney Land in the background of the ad. It’s sitting faraway, seemingly ethereal and magical. The situation seems like someone who came to Disney Land and their dreams come true. This reflects the audience of adult people who may have never been to Disneyland, but were able to and their experience was magical. The ad is speaking to anyone who has never been to Disneyland, to entice them to let their inner child out, and live in a fantasy.

The most noticeable elements to the ad are the two Disney characters and Disneyland. When you first look at the picture, your eyes are drawn to the Disneyland background, one because it’s dark and Disneyland is the only source of light, and two it’s the largest aspect of the page. The picture of Ella is also big, bringing home the feel of childhood and fantasy, and anything happening. You see the Volvo, but it’s highlighted by Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. This takes the focus away from the car and puts it on Disneyland, the medium for dreams coming true.

The phrase that appears to the right of Disneyland, “Where dreams really do come true”, is brought forth with all the elements of this dark road that the Volvo is traveling on and this light that Disneyland is illuminating. This makes the argument that even as an adult person, one can come here and the childhood dreams you once had can flourish.


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  1. Ashley

    Thank you for your response! I think I should have done a better job of making the car the central focus, not Disney. It’s really hard when Disney is more known than a Volvo car. I should have used the Fairy Godmother too, because your dream came true! I should have also made that font bigger. I did like that I used Tinkerbell, but i’d probably replace Elsa. Maybe, not… Thanks for this post! I got more insight into my Ad and how I could improve it in the future. (:

  2. Ashley

    Also, sorry about not responding before! I just realized and wanted to comment on it, before I forgot again!

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