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Grimm, Katherine. “To Legalize Pot, Stop the Infighting (Opinion) –” CNN. Cable News Network, 14 May 2015. Web. 11 Aug. 2015.

In Katherine Grimm’s article “To Legalize Pot, Stop the Infighting,” she argues that there should not be a fight over marijuana but instead everyone should come come together and respect the opposing viewpoint. She mainly focuses on the fact that there in the marijuana industry, there is enough room for “the casual consumer, the medical patient, the wellness market, etc.” Grimm briefly discusses how taxes and government regulation on marijuana might upset some individuals. She then goes on to state that “medical marijuana supporters believe that recreational use diminishes the medicinal value of the plant.” Recreational users show a misrepresentation of the drug and its uses. Grimm suggest that there should be campaigning for all marijuana users, not just one type of user. In other words, there is a way to make everyone happy from the legalization of marijuana.

I agree with Grimm when she states medical marijuana supporters may believe that those who use marijuana for recreational use gives it a bad reputation. I agree with this because today many people are seen all the time on social media smoking marijuana. Most of the time when people are shown smoking marijuana it is not in a positive way. Although I agree with recreational users giving a bad reputation for the medical plant, I disagree when she states there is enough room for everyone. The legalization of marijuana cannot benefit everyone and will not make everyone happy. Medical marijuana supporters and recreational users have different stances on how marijuana should be regulated and used. In any argument or issue there is compromise so not every party gets what it wants. Therefore, Grimm’s argument that everyone can be happy or benefit from marijuana is flawed.


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  1. Marisol Martinez

    I agree with your rebuttal, the legalization of marijuana will not make everybody happy. There are people who only want marijuana to be legal for medical use, then there are those who want it to be complete legal. And of course there is also people who want it to say as a Schedule I substance. Legalizing marijuana will face serous debates and controversies. We all have different views on marijuana and I feel like there is not a way to please everybody on this issue.

  2. Itza

    I agree with you and Marisol. Grim is stating a mission that would be impossible. The controversy of the use of marijuana just for medical use or for recreational use is divided to the point where not everyone will be satisfied. As Marisol says every individual has strong point of views in this controversy and most wouldn’t be happy to hear Grim’s argument.

  3. Kamran

    I wanted only marijuana to be legalized for medicinal use, but dividing the recreational and medicinal is practically impossible. Not everyone will be happy if marijuana is legalized for medicinal use. Every individual does give a strong point of view in his or her controversy.

  4. Shaniece!

    I find this article interesting because it is the first time that I viewed an argument that asserts that the legalization of marijuana can make “everyone happy.” I agree with you that it cannot and because of this Grimm’s argument is flawed. Obviously she did not take into consideration the lives that could be jeopardized due to some of marijuana’s negative effects on the brain.

  5. Rosalio

    The argument Grimm discusses is practically impossible to succeed. Dividing marijuana’s use between medical and recreational would never happen and the notion of making “everyone happy” is farfetched. Both sides will not come to an agreement or be satisfied as others mentioned. Everyone, even myself, hold different views.

  6. Robert

    Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. This is irrelevant to my comment on your post. Your concessions makes sense and then your refutation is one that a lot of people can agree on. There is no simple solution to this where we can have everyone be happy. People will have to compromise on everything whether they like it or not. People do not take into consideration those around us and how we all have to share the space we live in.

  7. Henry Barragan

    As much as i agree on this articles argument, I personally don’t think there will be any sort of peace when it comes to the topic of marijuana. There’s always going to be those people who will always believe marijuana is a terrible drug. Now me personally i don’t really care if its legal or on, but i see that many of the older generation (people who grew up around the 1930’s through the 70’s) where brought up to feel the way they feel towards marijuana. I see once those people are gone, then maybe there might be some sort of compromise.

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