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A Hidden Concern

Rosenbaum, Marsha. “Legalization of Marijuana: What About the Kids?” The Huffington Post, 02 Dec. 2014. Web. 15 July 2015.

Marsha Rosenbaum, a former National Institute on Drug Abuse researcher and founder of the Drug Policy Alliance ‘Safety First’ drug education project sheds light on the hidden concern that such legalization reforms may affect teenagers. Rosenbaum specifically argues that legalization would “send the wrong message” ultimately causing an increase in teenage consumption of marijuana.

Stating that “the end of marijuana prohibition seems inevitable due to a majority of Americans favoring legalization” Rosenbaum enforces her knowledge that although none of the new reforms would allow the sale to minors, parents like her as she states, still hold worry for their children. As a federal funded researcher, Rosenbaum points out her daily work regularly checking survey data that revealed a majority of teens responded that they would not try marijuana even if it were legal. Although this statement may counter her very own argument, that legalization would cause increase use within teenagers, she states that “Even if legalization for adults does not affect teenage use, it does present an opportunity to re-think our approach to drug prevention and education”.

In other words, although Rosenbaum honestly states her tested research proved that the rates of teenage marijuana use are fairly low, she indicates that to keep it this way parents must take the opportunity provided to teach and educate teens on strategies for dealing with marijuana in this new era. As Rosenbaum suggest that a majority of teenagers have used marijuana, for this reason as a parent, drug education is important to emphasize to get them to understand that legalization applies to adults only and the consequences of use under twenty one years of age are taken seriously.

Rosenbaum remarks that as a mother herself, and speaking for many parents whom she believes that also carry the same worry, “are in quandary about how much to reveal to their kids about their past or present use to educate, fearing honest admissions might open the door to their teen’s experimentation.” However, “there is no easy, simple answers”, the approach to teens about the use of marijuana and other drugs is important as she concludes.

I have found this article very useful for my research due to my wonder and personal experience of not being a marijuana user. Pondering questions of teenage consumption, this article provided factual insight on the topic. The author held a very similar viewpoint that I hold, and allowed me to broaden her findings and theory into an understandable prospective. The effect of marijuana legalization on teenagers is not a topic often discussed, but I believe it is one that must not go unnoticed due to its potential to possibly create escalation in teenage use.


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Marijuana: The Drug Free Personal Effect

Hi, my name is Rosalio Reyes and I am from San Antonio, TX. Personally I have never engaged in the use of marijuana, but whenever I state that I fall in the sided spectrum of against its legalization I am often told that according to society I simply “do not know what I am talking about” due to my lack of engagement with the drug. However, marijuana has affected my life in a way that has shaped my opinion.

Back home we had a very close family friend that I have known since I was born. This friend, whose name I shall not reveal, was considered part of our family even until the day his job had him transfer to the state of Colorado. Once there, I began to hear my family talk about him briefly on occasion at dinner stating that he began to smoke marijuana. I was shocked at first when hearing this news. I would have never imagined a close family friend smoking pot until the day when I realized I was not to imagine it.

Months later, receiving news over time from my parent, it became known that this friend of ours began to engage with other illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, LSD, etc. and later passed away due to the effects of these drugs.

Although, many may say it us up to the user on how they handle such drugs, marijuana is a gateway drug in some cases such as in the story above. Marijuana if legalized will give the notion that it is okay, and over time with this notion in the minds of individuals in society it can lead to a sort of craving for something better, something ultimately more dangerous.

The reality of this happening drastically across the country may be slim, however, the possibility itself should be a good enough reason to restrict and stop the legalization from happening.

In all honesty, I do believe in the benefits of it as a medical use, however, the thought of free consumption is my worry. The negative reality of it is just embedded into my mind after the passing of our good friend, resulting in my opinion. And possibly I might be fine with an agreement between these two outlines that could be set on the national table.

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