Weed, Dope, and Mary Jane

“I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this, but imma get you high today.” For those of you who do not this quote, it is the opening line to the comedy Friday. I’m personally a huge fan of movies and can watch them all day. This particular movie revolves around the sell and distribution of marijuana in a community predominantly full of African Americans and Latinos.

Bob MarleyI’m from Houston, Texas more specifically, Alief which is a recognized international school district. In Alief, the minorities are the majority. I’ve seen weed a lot at my school and know people who choose to use it for recreational purposes. It is actually pretty easy to get a hold of marijuana where I’m from. There are kids who attended my school who sold dope and were not afraid to walk around the hallways and ask if you would like to purchase some Mary Jane or how many Gs you could get for the amount of money you were holding.

One thing I noticed about the people that sold weed is that they made some serious cash and were not ashamed in flaunting it, even though they received their money from selling illegal narcotics. With the legalization of marijuana it could bring a tremendous about of money to the government. I mean why not sell weed? Cigarettes are more dangerous than weed killing thousands of people and causing serious medical issues, however, the government is capitalizing on them and no one is trying to ban the production of cigarettes.

The legalization of marijuana on the other hand could save the government money by not having to arrest people with possession of marijuana. That’s less tax dollars spent on accommodating the lifestyle of prisoners and could be used elsewhere. In Jennifer Jordan’s view, the legalization of marijuana “will bring hundreds of jobs, stimulating the local economy.” In other words, Jordan believes in the legalization of marijuana solely for the purpose of the economic benefits.

In conclusion, I agree with the legalization of marijuana. Why not legalize it? Thousands of people are smoking it and posting pictures in the act all over social media anyways. Why not make a profit from it? Why not try to improve the economy and try to help those who cannot help themselves? I believe the legalization of marijuana can be something positive like the production of cigarettes, depending on how you look at it. Both provide jobs to the many Americans who are unemployed.


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  1. Marisol Martinez

    I agree that the legalization of marijuana can bring a lot of profit like it did to Colorado, and like you say its already a normal thing since it is smoked an shown all over. This is were I get skeptical on my view on marijuana, I know that it has positive consequences but I also believe it has negative consequences such as abusing the drug, or becoming more powerful than anything that it becomes something necessary. Many companies could begin and take over the government, I jus don’t find it necessary for human survival or anything big like that besides money.

  2. Juan

    I like how you describe the abundance of marijuana at your school as it is a prime example of many schools currently. Moreover, your points on the legalization are some good arguments as the government has no problem with tobacco and weed. Also that taxing it would bring in extra revenue and no more jail cells full of people who were caught with weed.

  3. Sabrina

    First off, Friday is a hilarious movie! Second, I also come from a town where marijuana is easy to come by and it’s easy to just say “make it legal already!” But I think there should be some restrictions on the use of pot just as there are for cigarettes and alcohol and such. For example, perhaps an age limit would be considered. Obviously people don’t care much for laws nowadays and they do what they want but I don’t think we should see a 9 year old walking around just smoking as he pleased. But other than that, I totally agree that the government would love to legalize marijuana to save and bring in more money.

  4. Kathy Vo

    You are missing the word know in the first sentence. I’m also from Houston, TX. The school I came from was almost equally as bad as your. The school always has a group of kids that would smoke pot in the restroom stall and also we had one student who came to class hella high. Adding to that my neighborhood also had a crack house that grew marijuana. The house was said to hold up to 2000 pounds of pot by the news.

  5. Kevin

    I believe the movie Friday was actually my first experience of the use of weed, by saying that it made me think weed was one of the most funniest things to experience it looked to be just a great time. Although it also showed me how much trouble it can’t get you into which led me away from the use of marijuana. I agree with the use of this movie reference to get your point across it flows together very well.

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