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Smith, S. E. “How legalizing pot could save America’s economy.” The Week Magazine, 09 Nov. 2014. Web. 16 Jul. 2015.

S.E. Smith is a writer and commentator who focuses on the current issues going on in the world. In “How legalizing pot could save America’s economy,” published by, Smith highlights the economic growth that could stimulate from the legalization of marijuana in the United States.

According to Smith, the black market sell of marijuana accumulates an average revenue of $113 billion dollars annually. Smith argues that marijuana would bring in billions of tax dollars to the government and also save the government money since many people incarcerated are on drug related charges, the most common being marijuana. Smith points out that the legalization of marijuana would allow the government to save money by not wasting it on trying to prevent drug wars. Therefore, the government could use the surplus of money to focus on other issues facing the country. To depict the positive effect legalization of marijuana would have on the economy, Smith discusses it’s “ripple effect” on the economy. The cultivation of marijuana provides jobs to Americans in various different fields and reduces the number of men being incarcerated, allowing them to provide for their family without aid from the government, therefore indirectly improving the economy. Smith in other words, is stating that marijuana is something the government could capitalize on and in return help communities who heavily depend on the government financially.

Smith briefly discusses how the legalization of marijuana in the United States could benefit tourism in the country by allowing people to go in to shops and sample marijuana products. The well-known areas will generate a lot of tourist who will buy marijuana and in return will be benefiting the economy.

This is a valuable resource because you are given insight on how the legalization of marijuana can help the economy and communities most affected by the illegal distribution of it. This article gives facts as to how marijuana can benefit everyone and is not simply against marijuana because it is “bad.” It provides you with what people who are for legalization of marijuana thinks, their perspective, and opinion on the subject. This would be useful for others who are pro legalizing marijuana because of the facts and good logical reasoning behind legalizing marijuana, or it could be used to counter the arguments made in the article.


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  1. smyers

    After reading this summary, I can see how marijuana legalization can have a consequence of tremendous revenue towards America’s economy. Many will gain jobs, more money could be used to spend, and people would be paying tons of tax dollars. Although Smith makes a good point on capital, I feel the focus of drug wars wouldn’t cease. Rather, I feel as if it would just rise into another field other than marijuana.

  2. Shaniece!

    The arguments presented by Smith sound similar to the ideas pitched by the residents of Humboldt County in their meeting to decide how the town would prosper economically if the drug was made legal. These are great ways the government could bring in funds, but they would also be responsible for determining limits for use, sell and consumption. They would also have to rebuild the communities that handle the drug irresponsibly.

  3. Briza

    I completely agree with this article! Legalizing marijuana could bring so much economic benefits to the US, especially when it comes to the incarceration of prisoners for marijuana use. I feel like this article would do well with Obama’s recent comments when it came to what the US could do with the money used to imprison people.

  4. Topanga

    Thinking about the government and marijuana, I’m still a little fuzzy on how the two go together, but after looking this over, I like the idea of damaged communities affected by the illegal sale of marijuana being rejuvenated by the new influx of cash. The legalization of marijuana in some way would be a much needed stimulus package. To flip the criminality of marijuana, and make it so everyone can “eat” off of it is brilliant.

  5. Kyline Stephens

    I agree with this article and think that one of the biggest “pros” that comes with legalizing marijuana is that it would tremendously benefit our economy. We would save millions of dollars that are being used to uphold prisons that are filled with people on marijuana-related charges and also gain money from the taxes that community members would pay.

  6. Robert

    I never really grasped how America being pro capitalism most of the time wouldn’t jump on the chance of profiting from legalization. I understand that most of it has to do with our congressmen’s beliefs and values but much like the selling of alcohol is a profitable industry, so would selling marijuana. This summary seems to highlight that which is something I can agree with if the nation’s best interests is to achieve higher financial stability.

  7. Henry Barragan

    I agree, I never really saw marijuana as a evil drug or anything. I always saw it as something that we as a country could really benefit from. We always see how much money the marijuana industry brings in, so why not make it legal and actually gain from this. Even the medical aspect of it alone should be enough to convince people to support it, it has for me.

  8. Kamran

    Marijuana does have its pros and cons. However Marijuana does have a significant amount of pros in the medical industry. Marijuana can produce a lot of money in the medical industry. Economically Marijuana can really benefit the U.S. It also aids in treating and curing diseases. Marijuana is not a terrible drug, but it also has it cons.

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