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Nathan, David. ” How to regulate pot when its legal”. CNN, 27 Aug. 2013. Web.  19 Jul. 2015

David Nathan, a contributor for CNN, gives his insight into how marijuana should be regulated, once it is legal. In his article, “How to regulate pot when its legal”, is a call to wake up and smell that Cannabis legalization is here to stay, and regulation is the only answer.

According to Nathan, the majority of Americans are on board for marijuana legalization, not just medicinal uses, but for recreational use as well. Nathan argues that the U.S. must stop the criminalization of marijuana and discuss how it “should be properly regulated”. Nathan advocates that Marijuana use for adults is “relatively safe”, and needs to be treated as such. In this Nathan believes that its time for real marijuana progress to be made, and marijuana made right within the law.

Of course with his position, Nathan has procedures that he believes will help the regulatory process run smoothly. He first wants people to consider the goals of Marijuana regulation, which he perceives to be: “no weed for minors, preventing harm to the public and to users, and finally getting the maximum benefit economically”. Going forth with this train of thought, Nathan describes how the government should look toward states like Washington and Colorado for guidance on the path of marijuana legalization and regulation.

Nathan goes further and offers his own plan of action when it comes down to how marijuana should be regulated. He covers almost every argument that is against legalization, and flips it on its head with a suitable regulation. The argument of minors using marijuana is deflated when argues for a “limit in advertising, sales and public consumption of cannabis”. These tactics have been used by companies for years, and to cut them at their knees, helps the legalization process move forward, in that the public wouldn’t have to worry about children falling victim to the lure of marijuana. Another argument Nathan sees and gives solution to, is where does the government fit into the equation? According to Nathan, the government should be involved in every aspect of cannabis, ” the production, distribution, and sale”. With these guidelines, Nathan delivers an almost fool-proof regulatory plan, that isn’t extreme in any sense. He makes a way for everyone to get something they want; public gets their weed, government gets to supervise it.

I found this source helpful, because it had actual steps that states or the federal government could take to reign the legalization of marijuana in. Nathan had very good points that show the flexibility of the law, but the strength of it as well. Any of my classmates that want to explore the regulation side of marijuana, I urge them to read this article, and get acquainted with the could-be laws of marijuana use. Legalization is coming sooner than we think.

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  1. Briza

    The topic of marijuana regulation is also something that I encountered in my own essay. But I found it very intriguing that the author of your article had so logically contemplated how marijuana should be dealt with by the government. I do agree with Nathan that if the government were ever to fully legalize marijuana, states like Washington and Colorado would lead the way when dealing with the issue.

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