RS 2: Gold Rush or Gold Kush?

Healy, Jack, and Kirk Johnson. “Next gold rush: legal marijuana feeds entrepreneurs’ dreams.”, 19 July 2014 Web. 19 July 2015

Jack H, Is a news reporter for the New York Times, and has reported on a variety of topics. The other author in this article is Kirk Johnson. Kirk J, is the New York Times Seattle Bureau Chief, just like his partner in this article Kirk also has reported on multiple world wide topics. Just as the headline says, there is a boom in the marijuana legalization industry which is becoming a widely known investment opportunity.

With these writers working for the New York Times they have a more biased opinion towards the benefit of marijuana to the economy, because of their more business orientated view.To open the topic the authors talk about how marijuana is sweeping the nations “entrepreneurs and workers, investors and hucksters from across the country.” Leaving their secure jobs they have in their home towns to venture out in the states of Colorado and Washington to have a chance to get in to marijuana fast growing industry. Proving the fact that marijuana is the new gold rush of the 21 first century. Meaning there will be many opportunities for state and the nations economy to flourish.

They then state that ” Marijuana now legal for medical use in 23 states and Washington, D.C., and full legalization heading to the ballot in Alaska and Oregon, the size of the noncriminal marijuana industry is expected to grow to about $2.6 billion this year from about $1.5 billion last year.” So not only is pot helping in the economy aspect but also in the medical field . Most doctors tend to not believe in the use of weed because of their political stand point mostly from a conservative out look. Yet they can not look away from the facts. The use of medicinal marijuana¬†does improve the well being of patients and have better effects than most prescribed drug medicines. With more and more states legalizing the medical use of marijuana we can only expect for the other states to follow suit.

The authors then say that ” The deck was stacked in the favor of richer corporate players. With banks still so leery of lending in the industry… financing choices for smaller entrepreneurs like him are few.” So also appealing to the smaller view point of first time business owners they show that they are getting over run by the big companies taking money from the smaller communities. which could be a bad thing for the economy as well having only the one percent gaining from marijuana and not all of us. Yes, bringing money to the economy, but is it to the right part?

This article and its information is very beneficial to my viewpoint because it provides a different aspect to the use of marijuana and its help to the economy. Showing that there are some benefits of the legalization of marijuana. Hopefully, this will show some insight to my peers and let them see the other side to legalization other than getting high and having fun. This article could also help in my peers arguments and debates over the drug.


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  1. Kimberly

    i really round this article interesting because i am researching medicinal marijuana. lately i have found multiple stories of how the drug is beneficial. in my opinion even if it saves one life especially when that life is that of a kids, then it’s worth legalization. there are several kids out there that resort to medicinal marijuana because they don’t have any other choice.

  2. Kathy Vo

    I disagree with Marijuana being the next gold rush because with marijuana hitting the nation hard just meant that there will be a lot of pot heads. In addition to that, prediction is one thing, but a true action is another thing. Like science a theory is perfect, but once it is put to action thing could end up a being a big mess.

  3. Rosalio

    I agree with Katy. Marijuana being considered the next gold rush is not likely due to the different outcomes that could occur instead. Such predictions could be accurate, however we will not know until it is actually put into action. Nothing at all could be a result or a ragging amount of users across the country could be another.

  4. Kyline Stephens

    I like the way the writer compares the market of marijuana to a “21st Century Gold Rush.” Although I do not agree with this NY Times article, I think this is an interesting way to look at marijuana sales since many people are entering the black market merely for the money.

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