Being Asian/ American

The two choices of community that I choose to talk about are the Asian community and Houston community because it is the the biggest part . I’m a Vietnamese that was born in America because way before the time I was born my parents decided to escape our communist country of Vietnam and look for a better life. This occur during the time when the North to South  of Vietnam was a battlefield drench in blood of American and Vietnamese people. Today there are still active mines located all over the jungle region of Vietnam.                                                                                                      

In the Asian community we are known to other as racist, strict, bad driver, smart, owner of most to all of the nail salons, hair salons, or dry cleaners. Most of these statement might be true, but it does not apply to everyone in the community. Majority of the time these stereotypes are apply to the older generation who first came to America. Even though these statement people assume Asian are, it is not as bad as those of other race. I, the younger generation of this Asian community, hadn’t known what our grandparents or parents has done for us to be where we are today. For that we owe it to them to be obedient to their strict crazy rules.

In addition to my Asian community, I’m also part of the Houston community. That part of me is pretty big too because I was born there. I was raised in Houston so my commitments lie in Houston. It is home so it is my root and my core. The community is so diverse and rich in different cultures that it rub off on me. It might not be everyone favorite place, but that is where my family and friends are. That was where I begin my journey and that also will probably be where my journey.

A organization that I will probably join is Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) because I’m looking forward to meeting some other Asian in UT and because my cousin is going to join the organization if I join. Plus I’ve heard that they do a lot of community services, so yeah to helping the community.

In addition to VSA, I will also join the University of Texas Mixed Martial Arts organization because I want to learn a little self-defense and self-discipline. Plus I think it will be a good way to stay healthy and strong.




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  1. Jasmine Seals

    Although I wasn’t born in Houston, I’ve lived there for a while and I love it! Like you said it is very diverse with many different cultures, ethnicity, and races. That is one thing I’ve grown to truly love about Houston. You mentioned a few stereotypes that are often said about Asians, have you ever been personally stereotyped or categorized because you are Asian or more specifically Vietnamese?

  2. Kathy Vo

    I was stereotyped as Asian. They assume that I was Chinese.

  3. Briza

    Your family’s story is really kind of inspiring. Like your parents, my parents came to America for safety and better opportunities. It’s really interesting for me to find similar experiences and connections to people from a different culture as mine. I think it’s awesome that you value your heritage so much because I value mine the same way.

  4. Kamran

    I feel like our background stories are similar because our parents come to the U.S for us to have better lives. I don’t like being stereotyped because its very arrogant. U.S is a land of opportunities and we can all share out cultural heritage. Also U.S is filled with a lot of diversity.

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