My Communities

The communities I strongly identify with are being Black and a Christian. I hold these communities close to my heart because without them I would feel lost and incomplete.

blacknessBeing Black is very important to my identity. Blackness is something  that I couldn’t neglect in adding to my communities because it is me; I am Blackness. From the way that I talk, to the way that I think; it is inherently Black. That isn’t meant to marginalize Black people and tout the ignorance that we all think alike,  because we don’t, but there is an underlining current of togetherness we share as a community. Looking at my community I find that our values system revolves around faith and camaraderie. There is a certain respect we hold for our parents, elders, and brethren alike. These values in my opinion were borne out of slavery, where we had to lean on one another for strength, hope, and fortitude. From something so horrific and tragic came the unification of one peoples.

It would be nice to say that I have never experienced racism or prejudice just because of the color of my skin, but that would be a lie. There have been times when I could just feel the hate because I was Black.   I remember a time in third grade where I was denied friendship because I was Black. In another instance I remember being called a Nigga by little boys at playground  across from where I lived. These occurrences left me feeling baffled and hurt. How dare someone categorize me, not see me for Topanga, but as just another Black person. Sometimes I don’t feel necessarily comfortable to really be myself in fear of feeding into the typical Black stereotype. Being loud or using slang has over time been consider “Black” or something for the lower class, and I reject that entirely. Being apart of community that is joyous and vibrant is what makes being Black beautiful . I will forever identify with this community and do my best to bring forth its richness.

Aside from identifying with the Black community, I identify as a Christian as well. My mother was raised Southern Baptist and my father was raised African Methodist, so believing was a big deal in  my household. To reflect on the things that compromise me as a person, Christianity is one of my foremost attributes. My faith dictates a lot in my life. The way I make decisions, how I carry myself as a young woman, is all connected to Christianity.One of the greatest feelings in my life was when I became a baptized Christian. It felt very affirming and a little scary to know that I had just dedicated myself to Jesus Christ, but it was a decision I haven’t come to regret.

black jesusBeing a Christian I have been taught to depend on the word of God, for He is my sustenance. Because of my faith I value certain things like family and caring for the needy. There are things that I will simply not do, because they don’t align with my beliefs.

Belonging to the world-wide community of  Christians gives me strength to know that there are people the same as me going through the trials and tribulations of being a Christian. I have  definitely felt stereotyped for being a Christian at times. There are people who disagree with my faith entirely and refuse to see the good in it. People believe that this way of believing is archaic and backwards, but all I can do keep the statutes that were handed down to me. I will never renounce my faith, just like being Black, it is inherently apart of who I am.

Upon researching the Hornslink database I found several organizations here on campus that are attuned with my communities.  Afrikan-American Affairs is organization promoting leadership and community for Black students at UT. This is definitely something that I will checking out in the fall, so that I can connect with people who share the same culture that I do. I also found a Christian organization called Access Christian Fellowship. This organization is all about developing a deeper relationship with Christ and taking the Gospel to the world, and those are two things I am interested in as a Christian.

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  1. Jasmine Seals

    I definitely consider myself to be apart of the African American community and the Christian community. I agree with you when you say sometimes you are afraid to show who you really are. Sometimes I feel like I have to act a certain way so people won’t just see me as “another black girl” or “loud” or whatever other adjectives people use to describe/ categorize us.

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