Climate Change

“The Pope and Climate Change.” Editorial. The New York Times. The New York Times, 18 June 2015. Web. 30 July 2015. <>.

There a large number of people that doubt climate change. Before it used to be called global warming but because by the name alone people were extremely skeptical of it. Especially when they saw more severe storms, making it colder and wetter than what you would expect. Global warming gave off the idea that it is only getting hotter. While, it was getting hotter, people couldn’t see how, they could only see that next week they were in for a cold front or heavy snow.

One reason that people probably don’t believe in climate change is because of the way the media handles it. On news broadcasts you hear reports that the scientific community is divided on whether or not the climate really is changing. However, there really isn’t any sort of disagreement in the scientific community. All the evidence to support the idea that the average temperature around the globe is increasing is there.  In addition, the skeptics are also there despite the evidence.  Now hearing that the Pope has written on the subject of climate change and that he believes that it is real and happening is great. It is exactly the type of message we need to hear from an “authority” figure here on Earth. The source goes over a bit of what the Pope has said, how there are some people that don’t believe in climate change, and a bit of the politics around climate change.

On a different note, the source has shown that it is aware of the Pope’s encyclical and has know about it for a while. It has a few articles talking about it being made and further discusses the message that Pope Francis is putting out. The source avoids the use of inflammatory language. It appears to me that source is credible due to the fact that it references relevant and recent information. Now the source isn’t an authority on this subject but they do a great job of presenting the information without being biased. The website itself has a large number of readers. Due to this, they will strive to be respectable and hope that people believe in something similar to what they represent. The text is carefully written with citations to other sources of information that is relevant to the editorial.

The editorial begins pretty much the same way my summary does. People are divided on the subject of climate change. However, with the Pope releasing an encyclical there are hopefully people that will see how serious the matter of climate change is. The Pope discusses how our home Earth has been reduced to filth and rubbish. “The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth-in many parts of the planet, the elderly lament that once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.” (p. 3) The editorial then moves to how this document could not have come out at a better time when global powers are meeting in an attempt to arrange an effort to act on climate change. However, there are still changes to face from Congress and other countries that simply don’t want to act on the subject. The editorial closes with a statement that addresses how hopefully congressman and others will join the Pope in the his effort against climate change.


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  1. Kathy Vo

    In your summary, I feel as if you have a run on sentence and some very switch order or missing word that made it kind of hard to read. Check the 2nd paragraph with sentence about handing the world to our future generation. Overall I understand your summary about how climate change is affecting our planet, and how Pope Francis is influencing people to become more aware of the climate change.

  2. Shaniece!

    I would have never imagined a pope to write a letter addressing climate change. It is fascinating that people will begin to pay close attention to the environment because the Pope has exclaimed its importance. This goes to show how often times individuals are more moved by the person that gives a message instead of the message itself. The scientific community has been declaring the same concept, however, it is illuminated when The Pope speaks on it.

  3. Topanga

    I wasn’t aware that the pope had made a statement about climate change. He must feel very deeply for this cause to speak on it. I definitely didn’t realize the change from using the term global warming to climate change. I am really interested in the point the source made about the medias role in portraying climate change. In my opinion there is a lot of fear-mongering in mainstream media about climate change, so I can see why some people would doubt that its happening. Another interesting facet of climate change is the governments role and how try to, or don’t try at all to combat it.

  4. Rosalio

    For the pope to make a statement on climate change to get people involved on an issue that has been going on for years is pretty miraculous. It just goes to show, that “authority” figures spread a message better due to their position, even though the message could be more important than who actually makes the call of the message itself.

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