“Should Cops Wear Cameras?”

Griggs, Brandon. “Should Cops Wear Cameras?” CNN. Cable News Network, 2 January 2015. Web. 29 July 2015.


In Brandon Griggs’s Article, “Should Cops Wear Cameras,” Griggs discusses the controversy of whether police officer’s should wear body cameras while on duty. Throughout the article, Griggs refers to public authorities such as the Obama Administration, Deputy Assistant to the President Roy L. Austin Jr, the Department of Justice, and New York Mayor Bill De Blasio who all agree upon and argue that video cameras mounted on officer’s uniforms will provide accurate accounts with encounters and discourage misconduct by police officers themselves.

Griggs appears to be a very credible source to his intended audience of individuals who believe police officers should wear video cameras. Brandon Griggs is a senior producer with CNN Digital, specializing in coverage of pop culture and entertainment. Before coming to CNN Brandon spent 13 years as an award-winning reporter and columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City, Utah. Griggs provides a good amount of sources to present research such as a report fro the Department of Justice and a study conducted by the Rialto Police Department in California in 2013. Also, Griggs references recent information that is relevant to the argument, such as the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the death of Eric Garner surrounding New York police officers. As this article is published on CNN, it could be deemed credible due to CNN being a widely well known and respected 24 hour news network. Griggs uses this information to display his stance on the argument and to show his credibility as an editor.

In the article, Griggs argues in support of Roy L. Austin jr’s report by the Department of Justice, that police and civilians act in a more positive manner when aware that a video camera is present. Also, from a study conducted in 2013 by the Rialto, California police department Griggs in support argues that public complaints towards officers has plunges and the use of force by officers have declined since the use of video cameras. He states that the police departments that have experimented with officer-worn cameras, have show nearly results that have been encouraging (Griggs)

Through thorough research and an effective writing style, Griggs establishes his overall credibility with the audience of the article. He uses many research studies, as well as outside comments from public figures to support his extensive argument. Data received from one study conducted by the Rialto, California police department as  and also a report from the Department of Justice are used as mentioned. Another source used by Griggs involves the White House’s website to gain support for his argument and explains the ongoing public petition that already has more that 150,000 signature’s urging that all law enforcement agencies should be required to wear cameras (Griggs). Griggs states that, “early results have been encouraging” therefore before believing that body cameras are indeed working (Griggs). The incorporation of events that have taken place regarding incidents where the use of police body cameras come into play such as the Eric Garner case, Griggs provides statements from New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio.”When something happens, to have a video record of it from the police officer’s perspective, it’s going to help in many, many ways,” de Blasio said (Griggs). Ending the article with such a statement by Blasio, Griggs seems to confess to the audience his stance on the issue as throughout the article he slowly reveals. Overall I think that Griggs speaks to an audience that shares his views very clearly in support of getting police officers to wear body video cameras. ending with another quote by Bilasio, Griggs hopes he captured and changed the viewpoint of many readers. “It’s going to improve the work of law enforcement. And God forbid, when something goes wrong, we’re going to have a clear understanding of what happened and whatever approaches we need to take as a result.”


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14 Responses to “Should Cops Wear Cameras?”

  1. Kimberly

    I agree that officers should wear cameras on there vest at all time. The camera on the front of the cruisers don’t always capture everything that happens. For example the Sandra Blanch case that recently happened, the officer pulls her off to the side, and not in view of the camera. We don’t really know what happens other then her yell about how he is hurting her. Then the officer also mentions he get assaulted yet there is no visual evidence. If officers were to wear cameras people would be able to be held accountable for there actions.

  2. Itza

    I totally agree with Kimberly for the same reason. If there is no solid evidence of what occurred as Kimberly mentions the incident of Sandra Bland, then it makes it difficult to know the actual truth. But if police officers start using cameras everything can be captured and there would be clear evidence.

  3. Kamran

    I think cop’s wearing cameras is a great idea because there would be actual evidence. The cameras would me make solid evidence when a cop is involved with criminals. However the cop can potentially destroy or alter evidence that makes the cop look good. In this case the camera would be a good idea. Overall the camera would do great justice to society.

  4. Juan

    I agree with Kimberly and Itza that having a camera on the dashboard isn’t enough. Some may say that, “oh he’s a cop, he’s supposed to be good.” but sadly the world doesn’t work like that. At the end of the day the police are people just like us. In this world there are good people and bad people but no matter what they are they are still a part of society.

  5. Evelyn

    Cops should wear cameras because like Juan said cops are regular people. Cops are people who can either be good or bad and as of right now their reputation isn’t the best. We should have solid evidence of the cops themselves are breaking the law and people’s rights.

  6. Val

    I also agree that cops should wear cameras, because for instances, where the cops move to wear the camera of the car can not see them, the vest camera would definitely come in handy. That’s an easy way to insure that nothing else is being missed when situations like this happen. It protects not only the person being arrested but also the cop.

  7. Cameras should be worn on uniformed officers at all time. If they are turned off for any reason they should get questioned and penalized. Most of the forces are actually great men and women who care, so they won’t have a problem. However those who despise the cameras or turn them off, sets off a trigger to me. If they don’t like them as an individual, get fired. If the force doesn’t want them, then they should be dismantled and replaced.

  8. Topanga

    I am a huge believer in police officers wearing cameras. There have been too many incidences where the police have killed someone and a video is vital to the case. Without video documentation it is extremely easy for police to wash their hands of a crime, and footage of that said crime makes it harder to do so. I wish that every police department was required to make their officers wear body cameras, they are becoming more and more important in police-civilian interactions.

  9. Kevin

    I agree with everyone believing that police officers should wear cameras. This should be a rule for every officer so there won’t be a he say she say investigation. With cameras in use there will be hard evidence of what happened during the confrontation between officer and offender. The increase in police brutality is becoming a problem and these cameras would decrease that.

  10. Henry Barragan

    I always wondered why police officers didn’t wear cameras on their person. This sounds like a great idea, then people would try less and less to get in trouble because they know whatever they do and say will be recorded. This can also solve the arguments of police brutality among citizens. With this, we can now see what had led up to the conflicts and will be able to make a fair judgment that doesn’t involve just credibility.

  11. Kyline Stephens

    Although it is a sad reality, I think the frequency of police brutality being an issue is enough to make it a requirement for all police officers to wear body cameras. Many times, a video can be the main source of evidence to a case. It provides live proof in ways that words and personal testimonies cannot.

  12. Robert

    I saw you write this. I was here when you were writing this. I know what your wrote. I read it. I agree with you. However, the cameras should be very conspicuous. Police officers also shouldn’t know that they have a camera on them. If you know you are being watched you will most likely act the way you are expected to. So this is has to be secret in order for it to be effective. I lied I didn’t read. Sorry for making so much noise this morning.

  13. Telana

    I pretty much agree with everyone else. Body cameras on cops should be a NECESSITY. Too many lives have been lost because of police brutality and police irresponsibly. I think with body cameras cops will be forced to take responsibility for their actions. There have been so many who have lost their lives to cops and I believe the deserve justice. If body cams can aid in that effort than I’m all for them.

  14. acb3897

    Cameras should be worn on officers!!! Not only does it aid in police brutality cases, but it enforces the aspect of always being watched. I do question what would happen if an officer claims that they had a damaged camera as an excuse to not having it active during a crime? What would happen to US tax rates if they made all cops wear body cameras? (Trump wouldn’t be so happy with that. Totally a joke…) Anyways, There are problems that arise with the implementation of this. Police could argue that the criminal destoryed the body camera during arrest. Where would cameras be placed? Should its location be hidden on each body vest?

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