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Salzman, Michelle. “From Actress to Activist.” USC Dornsife College News RSS. USC Dornsife, 23 May 2012. Web. 03 Aug. 2015.

In America Ferrera’s open letter to Donald Trump, she responds to his racist comments about Latino immigrants by thanking him instead of chastising him. “From Actress to Activist” is related to “Thank You, Donald Trump” in that it provides background about Ferrera and her passion for social activism specifically in the Latino community. This source teaches me that Ferrera, is active in the community and is very vocal about international relations, social issues, and global awareness. It informs of Ferrera’s fight for social change.

This is a credible source because it is informative about Ferrera and her passion for social activism. The speaker is credible as well. Michelle Salzman is a journalism student at the University of Southern California who sat in on a lecture given by Ferrera in an international relations class. Salzman provides credible reflections from international relations students who listened to Ferrera’s lecture and quotes from Ferrera herself. The publisher, USC College of Letters, Arts and Science, keeps students up-to-date with departmental news and events by publishing credible articles. The publisher seems believable because most of the news articles that are published are informative and recent news having to do with the university.

The articles begins by discussing America Ferrera’s start at USC as a freshman studying international relations while also pursuing a career in acting. Ferrera struggled between two career paths: social activism and acting, but eventually knew how the two could work together. Salzman goes on to discuss how Ferrer has focused her efforts of making a positive change. In 2010, Ferrera partnered with Save the Children, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in the United States and around the world (Salzman). In 2011, Ferrera met with President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss immigrant issues with prominent Latinos in the United States (Salzman). In the effort to fight social change, Ferrera is writing a case study on celebrity diplomacy—how those in the public sphere use their influence to bring attention to global issues. Salzman concludes with a quote from Ferrera: “You guys have just as much responsibility to think about what you care about and try to make a difference. Nobody gets a free pass.”


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  1. Topanga

    I never knew that America Ferrera was such an activist, its good to see celebrities using their influence for the common good. I liked that your source was very close was from a university, that makes it all the more credible. I liked that you found something on USC’s website, that is a different way to dig for a source. Reading this makes me want to investigate more into what America Ferrera has done socially, so I thank you for introducing me to her work.

  2. Kimberly

    I agree with Topanga, I did not know America Fererra was such an activist either. I think by her not lowering her self to Trumps level was good. I have seen some actors who, in response to Trump’s comment , lash out at him. By lashing out and cussing him out makes our race look bad and immature. I would like to look into this and find out what else Fererra has to say about this comment by Trump.

  3. Itza

    Kimberly stated a good point. By our race lashing out or threatening Donald Trump, especially famous people gives Trump initiative of being right about us. They are the ones who have power to not make this mistake. Instead they should take the steps of America Fererra and use this power for good.

  4. I’m glad she said “thank you” because now many Hispanics are prompted to want to vote. In fact, many things Trump says will end up getting him not elected. He has been talking down on minorities, women, working class, etc. Good for Fererra, she should be an advocate for a candidate like Bernie Sanders who truly does care for the Hispanics.

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