Hello Mary Jane

For those of you who don’t know, My name is Kevin Hughes and I come from a little town called Dallas, Texas.¬†Growing up around there really opened up the youth to multiple amounts of drugs, you really couldn’t hide from it you could only stay away from them or fall victim to them.

One drug that you can’t live without meeting or being exposed to while living in Dallas is Marijuana. In a popular marijuana research site it was said “Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States (SAMHSA, 2014)” (drugbase.gov).With the rising popularity of marijuana it’s very difficult to not meet someone who has smoked pot(marijuana) or someone who sells it. Now being open to drugs is a totally different thing ¬†because you can always say no, Its your personal choice no one should make the decision for you.

I am for the use of marijuana, because not only does it bring good times, studies also show that there are medical break throughs that marijuana has helped with. One of my good friends would suffer from epilepsy and the medication the doctor prescribed could never really surpress the effects of his epilepsy. Now what really amazes me is that he found that with the use of marijuana his epilepsy would go away. This was a great breakthrough for him because now he is free from epilepsy, the only problem was having to tell his parents.

Legalization of Marijuana in Texas I believe is a great step towards a brighter life in America. It should be used for medicinal purposes and also for recreational if need be, the argument people made for weed is that it’s god’s plant and is a part of nature. Unlike other drugs weed isn’t made in a lab its grown from the earth. Its funny how the government allows the use of tobacco and alcohol to be legal when they are some of the most addictive problems. They cause multiple problems for families when Marijuana theoretically would only bring them closer.

With the use of Marijuana constantly increasing we shouldn’t bash the people that use it no matter for medicinal or recreational. The progress that has been made with marijuana show that you can be successful with being under the influence. Not only do some top music artist gain publicity from the use but also athletes and successful business people. This only shows that weed has no real effect on your life choices what you choose to do with your life is your own adventure.




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  1. Jasmine Seals

    I agree that smoking marijuana is a choice and whether or not it should be used for medical or recreational is a personal preference as well. Studies do show that marijuana has been able to treat certain medical issues, however, with that can come substance just like other prescription drugs. I was also intrigued by the fact that you said marijuana will bring families closer, what makes you think that?

  2. Marisol Martinez

    I like how you included that it is a normal plant grown from the ground made by god, this eliminates the intensity in the word marijuana. Would the name cause such controversy if it was changed to something like the Mary plant? The word has been so negatively used that many view it as an evil plant for example. I don’t agree with the legalization of marijuana but you do bring some debating points such as that people can be successful even if they smoke, and that we should just relax and enjoy life.

  3. acb3897

    This is a very interesting post. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I thought the epilepsy story was interesting.(:

  4. acb3897

    This is a very interesting post. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I thought the epilepsy story was interesting. Yes, marijuana can be used to help people with their medical problems. Maybe, its the amount of people I hear of abusing this drug, that gives it a bad name. I personally have never smoked any substance in my life, so I can’t relate to it bringing you high times, but I have often observed people smoking outside and (no, I don’t do it as a sport) something about the way they do it really makes me feel disgusted. Like they intentionally are harming their bodies, when it fact they are beautiful creatures already created to do many things in life and achieve dreams, not to kill themselves off slowly.. I just see smoking as a selfish act because our bodies are something that we should want to take care of and a beautiful creation. I don’t know if I’m effectively making my point here, sorry, but we should treat ourselves with care not search for the next high is all I am saying.

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