A solution to stress and sickness?

Having to be exposed to the smell of marijuana daily has shaped my viewed on marijuana itself, being exposed to music that constantly reminds me of the use of marijuana around me by individuals has shaped my mixed emotions  on the word itself. It is often believed that the more you repeat a statement or for example a mathematical problem, the more you become more comfortable with it. And I totally agree, the word marijuana has been so overused that I no longer find the word disturbing, I enjoy rap music and I cannot keep count on how many of this songs highlight the use of marijuana that has become a vogue today.

Many people suggest that marijuana should be legal and that it I used as a medicine for many people. When you hear about a person that consumes marijuana many of us conclude that this particular person is a criminal, a rapper, or a failure, but could this stereotypes be completely wrong? Would you believe that Bill Gates one of the wealthiest American voted for marijuana legalization for his home state in the 2012 referendum, pretty surprising? Although marijuana can be relaxing and can heal pain, it is also often abused. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration a large percentage of those arrested test positive for marijuana.

Is it possible for marijuana to have effect on the rebellious actions of many of these teenagers? The drug abuse has many negative effects such as respiratory diseases and dead brain cells. So why risk your life? I understand that it is necessary under certain circumstances such as medically, but I also believe it exposes each person to a risk of becoming addicted to the substance and taking extreme circumstances to be able to keep purchasing the substance. If marijuana was to become legalized society would change forever, we will see people becoming addictive to marijuana due to their freedom, and we will see the constant selling of marijuana, is it fair for people to start making huge amount of profit by selling this substance? Overall I am not strongly against marijuana, I acknowledge its pros such as relieving PMS, or for the treating of migraines but I will also not be a participant on the legalization of marijuana. Can you imagine our society will change if it was legalized? Marijuana would become like water, necessary for everyone.


Is this how society would look like?

I believe that the body should heal itself, for example that a fever does not require an Advil pill to end. This pain relievers are temporary, we should let our body build defense against these illness and let the body due its natural process. Marijuana should not be used for reasons such as stress or as a pain reliever. As stated by president Jimmy Carter,  “I do not favor legalization. We must do everything we can to discourage marijuana use, as we do now with tobacco and excessive drinking,we have to prevent making marijuana smoking from becoming attractive to young people, which is, I’m sure, what the producers of marijuana….are going to try and do. I agree with President Carter, marijuana as s before can become addictive, I cannot imagine children smoking this substance at an early age.


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  1. acb3897

    I completely agree with what you are saying and can also relate to believing that the use of drugs to heal the body is something that we should be leaning off of today.

  2. acb3897

    I completely agree with what you are saying and can also relate to believing that the use of drugs to heal the body is something that we should be leaning off of today. (After commenting a few times, I realized that I can be pretty old-school! I laugh at myself sometimes for that, but it’s who I am.) Anyways, relying on a drug, marijuana or not, could treat you, great, but the side effects that come along with its use may not be so great. So many people today idolize it in many ways, not to be so drastic about it, but I see people use it almost daily to help them go to sleep when is great, again, but these medicines effect you. Marijuana effects your body, as a medication in very good ways, but aside from that it is a foreign substance that you are putting into your body, so the effects can not be so good over time.

  3. Itza

    Many now a days only use it for that reason of health issues. By doing this they have come to a mentality that medical marijuana is the answer to every simple symptom they have such as a headache or as a sleeping helper. It will only help your pain go away temporarily. I agree that by using it constantly will effect the person’s body in a negative way.

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