Mary Jane. Yes or No?

maryThe topic of Marijuana and its legalization in my mind has not always been a controversial topic. There was once a time were Marijuana use was strongly frowned upon, but now it seems that good ‘ole reefer has fashioned its way into our mainstream culture. No more is it for “thugs” and “delinquents”, but  for Pop stars such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. The ”let the good times roll” mentality has rolled Marijuana into the legal atmosphere and here it is decidedly blowing in the wind.

rihannaThe  mainstream adoption of Marijuana has really made the legalization movement lose traction in my opinion. Why would the breadbasket of America lend its ear to the positives of pot, when Hollywood starlets and public figures are out traipsing around with it? How is pot to be taken seriously when its recreational uses are constantly being highlighted. I for one was raised with the belief that although God did indeed create  Marijuana, it is not to be abused. Too much of anything becomes a bad thing right?

My mother was raised Southern Baptist, so subsequently she passed her conservative views onto me. She had one dialogue about drugs; “Don’t do them”.   That’s not to say she was a total prude about Marijuana, or that she couldn’t appreciate its multi-purposefulness, she just didn’t believe in its recreational use. Concerning the legalization of pot I have to side with my mother, in that it should only be allowed for medicinal purposes . Time after time I have heard fantastic stories about what Marijuana has done for Cancer patients and ill children alike. But America wouldn’t be America if not only the sick, but everyone else in between could use it. Should this miracle drug be up for grabs by just anyone? How is this fine line to be walked?

Another question that bogs my thoughts when talking about legal Mary Jane, is how will our own government seep its way into the sticky icky. How will the most formal and upright body of the world perhaps, navigate the murky waters of  pot? Who can use it? Who can’t? How is the trade and disbursement to be handled? Our government isn’t going to miss the opportunity to make money; Uncle Sam will eventually want his cut, of that I’m sure, but how do we get to the place of accepting Marijuana as a okay thing. The media has glamorized pot, but its still up to the Feds to make it right within the law. To be frank I believe that the stall in legalizing pot, is in the perception that the U.S. would be in the drug business. There are still people like me who want to hold onto the sanctity of the government, and not see it bow down the highest profit. Not all money is good money as my mother would say.

Though legal Marijuana is an iffy  subject, its a conversation that needs to be had. We cannot run from it forever. Even though I disagree with the glorification of Marijuana, that does not change its usefulness, nor will it change the governments decision to make pot okay for everyone someday. One thing that I do know is that regardless of  legalization, Marijuana is here to stay; so its time to face the smoke.mary




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4 Responses to Mary Jane. Yes or No?

  1. Kamran

    I like the points you made and totally agree with you!

  2. Jasmine Seals

    You made really good points and I was able to understand why you are against marijuana. I agree that marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes. I like that you mentioned the government could make a profit from the legalization of marijuana but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should.

  3. Sabrina

    I agree that marijuana is being glorified my media and I also agree that the legalization is inevitable. Personally, I also come from a family who is against the usage of marijuana because they were led to believe since it is illegal then it must be bad, and I wouldn’t put myself in a situation to use it. I like the questions you asked about who is able to smoke marijuana because it is true, like can a 10 year old just go and buy some pot and it’d be ok? Your points are really something that should be considered by officials.

  4. Kevin

    In your post I can see you made really good points from your perspective. I enjoy the part about the people in the government using weed. Do you think people in the government would take part in smoking marijuana? Since it would be legal. I think people shouldn’t frown upon them look at them different because of there use of marijuana. In reality we can never stop the judging from other stakeholders no matter what outcome.

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