What Should Parents Do?

Knopf, Alison. “The Power Of Advertising — Teach Your Children To Be Informed Consumers: A Guide For Parents.” Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter 31.(2015): 1-2. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 July 2015.

Alison Knopf is a member of the Association of Health Care journalists. She has written about other topics such as cyber bullying and alcohol and substance abuse. She argues that with the new laws passed in a number of states legalizing marijuana that it is imperative for parents to make an effort in educating their child on the drug. Her claims are that advertising plays a powerful role in consumption of things like tobacco and alcohol and it will play a major role in the consumption of marijuana. Advertising works, which is why parents must educate themselves and their children.

Advertising is powerful. We see and hear commercials for a number of products. Billboards are brought up with the intent to persuade and sell. This is why fast food restaurants like McDonalds and alcohol distributors like Coors are successful. Knopf writes that advertising is what might decide whether your child uses marijuana or not. However, she doesn’t bash on the plant. Instead she argues that there is still action that a parent can take. While there is a mixed message on the use of marijuana, a parent can’t just “[spout] lectures about reefer madness or just say no.” So as a parent you can’t sound like someone who is trying to con them when you speak about the bad surrounding marijuana.

In addition, Knopf can’t dismiss the arguments and claims from the side that is for recreational and medical use of marijuana.  As Knopf mentions a few of the arguments she states “[not to] argue that these aren’t facts, because they are, and you’ll lose your teen’s respect on your side.” Instead it is better to use science to show them more of the facts of marijuana use. There is a downside to smoking pot. While it can be medicinal, there isn’t an exact way to prescribe it. It also damages your lungs like cigarettes, “marijuana smoke contains more carcinogenic smoke than tobacco,” Knopf states according to the American Lung association. While there has been claims that it’s better than tobacco, it is actually just as bad if not worse. Knopf also quotes that teen use of marijuana once a week can result in neurocognitive damage. So pot isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Lastly, the role of parents is as powerful as advertising. Parents get to raise their children in any way they want. If they don’t want them to use the drug, Knopf argues that it is smart to have them write a report or do a science fair project. Something that allows them to do the research for themselves instead of hearing it from someone with a different interests. This will let teenagers become educated and smart consumers. The more research they do, the more they will learn and make better decisions.

In conclusion, I found this source useful because it addresses what parents will have to do when it comes to educating their kids about marijuana. Others might find it useful for the same reason and can supplement it into their paper. There is no bias but Knopf takes a stance that is either against the legalization as it sends the wrong message or simply wants people to be smart about what they see on television and consume.


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  1. acb3897

    Thank you for writing about this article! I never thought about the effects advertising had/has, even now, on teens’ use of marijuana. You raised another great point about how parents serve as another form of “advertisement” towards their children, which is SO true! Personally, I feel that I share so many of my father’s conservative views on politics and life (but, he’s definitely more conservative than me, so just imagine..). Anyways, they do impact their children directly, so good point. Great article and points!

  2. Kathy Vo

    Wonderful article about advertising. I’ve read so many articles about how marijuana is good for the medical field, but failed to remember that there is a lot of side effects. It’s true that parents is another type of advertisement as you are constantly be expose to what they believed was right or wrong. Like acb3897, I to share the conservative views of politics and life, but it is slow changing because I’m becoming more and more educated.

  3. Marisol Martinez

    I agree that advertisements play a big role on what teenagers are expose to and on what they consume, I’m glad you brought that point up. I also believe that parents can still take actions to prevent their kids from smoking this substance, such as mentioned Knopf they could probably ask their child to conduct a research and find out the effects and consequences of the drug. 4/20 blaze it everyday!!

  4. Kamran

    Parents should do their best to avoid their children from smoking pot because it would hinder their child’s future. Advertisements can be very bias because they are only trying to sell the product. In the business it doesn’t matter wether they affect kids or not. It should be the parents responsibility to protect their children from pot.

  5. Itza

    Such a great point! Parents should be responsible to educate their children about the wrongs and the rights. Teaching their children about marijuana should be on the top of their lessons. I don’t think any parent would want their kids abusing the use of marijuana and get exposed to other drugs without knowing the consequences.

  6. Jasmine Seals

    I agree, the media can’t be blamed for everything. Parents do have to uphold some responsibility when it comes to their kids and the decisions they make. Having parents talk to their children and allowing them to do their own research so they are able to make their own decision is a great way to go about handling the situation. It is more likely a teenager will listen if they are not being told what to do but instead given facts to make the best decision.

  7. Juan

    Good article. The only point that I want to bring up is that at the end of the day people make their own choices. A parent can give a child all the tools but the child can neglect to use them. It’s fair to say that parents do have a big influence with their kids but they can’t make their choices at the end of the day. Even something like advertisement may not have an effect when a teen chooses to smoke pot.

  8. Rosalio

    This article brings out a major over looked point about advertisement surrounding marijuana. The argument pointed out is very interesting and gave me a new perspective on media in general about multiple bias views they could present. Also, the issue surrounding about parents giving children information about drug use adds a valuable point to the article.

  9. Henry Barragan

    I completely agree with this article. One for the fact it addresses that parents have a huge part in the lives of kids who use marijuana. It’s alarming to see adults say, “Oh why is my child doing such things.” And every time I want to say, “It’s your own fault for not educating them in the first place!” It great to see that I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  10. Kyline Stephens

    I do agree that media has a very powerful impact on what children think and do. However, parents do play a very important role in the opinions their kids form. When telling their children that they do not agree with the use of marijuana, parents should explain the consequences that come with using this drug as opposed to simply saying “No— because I said so.”

  11. Parents should be open minded when it comes to the drug. Teenagers will find a way regardless of what they are told and this doesn’t apply to just marijuana, it could be said the same about others. Usually parents know a days are more worried about their child getting in trouble with the law, trust me..

  12. Kevin

    This is a great article it really opens up the different reasons why kids start to smoke pot. I also believe the more strict a parent is on their kid about drugs the more likely they are going to rebel. Its not hard for kids to find drugs now a days at my high school there were drug dealers every walk to my next class.

  13. Topanga

    Its good to read an article that focuses on the ills of advertising. I don’t think people realize how advertising can subtly influence your life. If marijuana is legalized, I can see advertisement greatly targeting kids, and I like that the source points this out. At the end of the day regardless of marijuana legalization parents do still have the authority, no matter what states or the feds say.

  14. Shaniece!

    This is an interesting argument, it actually in some way is linked to the research I did. I researched the affects marijuana has on the brain. However I did not analyze how it effects developing brains. If marijuana is to become legalized the law would have to do research as to how to distribute the drug and who would be able to consume it.

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