2016 Volvo XC90

Volvo Ad


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  1. Kathy Vo

    The advertisement emphasize on words like “The Daily Scoop”, “Favorite Celebs“and “Arrived!.” It also include picture of other luxury car that celebs own.
    The audience most be a journalist or paparazzi since she uses words like “Daily Scoop” and “Celebs”. She added other cars to the advertisement to show that there are people who also show interest in other celebs car.
    She uses pathos to get us to buy this car. She does it by mentioning celebs because we want to be just like the rich and famous celebs. She also repeat the word “celeb[rities]” two more time on the advertisement to get us interested in the topic.
    In general the audience is a group of paparazzi who enjoy knowing what the next big scoop is in the celebs world.

  2. Like Kathy, I think that you select words that would definitely appeal to people who are interested in celebrity gossip. I’m not sure that someone selling a car would actually want to include pictures of other cars, though!

  3. Shayla Myers

    I am guilty of loving celebrity gossip, so agreeing with Dustin, you definitely got my attention! I love how you even have the right side column for other breaking news like magazines have. Also, it was clever to place it in a magazine for celebrities because the car is very luxurious. I can see one of my favorite celebrities having this car.
    (ps: is that Kim Kardashian on the bottom right?)

  4. Sabrina

    I think you did a great job by getting to the point and making your ad look like it was a major celebrity gossip magazine for people who enjoy that. I also agree with Dusty that you should avoid using other pictures of cars in your ad if you are trying to sell on major car. But seriously, I really liked how you used the cars as celebrities; it was very creative.

  5. Jasmine Seals

    I’m glad that you guys were able to instantly recognize that my audience was those interested in celebrity gossip. I tried to recreate a magazine since many people who are interested in celebrities tend to read about them in magazines. Also, I agree with Sabrina and Dustin that I should not have put other cars on the magazine if my main focus was selling the Volvo.

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