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Volvo Ad


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  1. Sabrina

    The advertisement has a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader to the right of the 2016 XC90 Volvo which is parked on the football field. There are stadium lights that are angled to focus on the car. The cheerleader seems to have a looks like she is kind of walking in the car to be presented to the audience.
    The audience are Dallas Cowboys football fans and we can tell by the cheerleader’s outfit and the colors she is wearing. Also, the stadium lights and football field add to decoding the audience. “For the fan in you,” reflects that the audience is not a football lover, but an actual fan for a certain team and when you look at the cheerleader, you can tell that the audience are Dallas Cowboys fans.
    Like I said before, the cheerleader seems to be presenting the car as a very important piece of merchandise. The car is even standing out as if it were a famous football player. And like any fan, when their fandom puts out something to buy or advertises something, then the fans have the notion that they have to buy it.
    The textual and contextual elements fit together to lure in the Dallas Cowboys fans. Having the car in the spotlight makes Cowboys fans want to see what is up with this new Volvo.

  2. I like the ad, but not the Cowboys (ew). I did notice this was the intended audience though and you did a very good job! You don’t get off task with the subject which is the car itself. If I was a Cowboy fan, I would buy the car off you.

  3. I agree with Anthony and Sabrina that the ad is very well designed. Sabrina want smart to talk about your use of lighting. Maybe the tagline could be catchier or more directly related to football.

  4. Kathy Vo

    I don’t know much about football teams, but I know that you are trying to sell the car to football fans or football players. Without even having to read the comments by our peer, I already know that it is football related because of the field in the background. Thanks to the comment I now know that it is for the Cowboys fan.

  5. Juan

    So it’s obvious that you are targeting american football fans. I like how you put a what I assume is a Cowboy’s cheerleader. It comes more of enticing to the reader because it carries a hint of subtlety. It’s more like “oh football” instead of it being as if you had put a football player. If that had been done you’d pull a nintendo that had the smart idea to call a game Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS.

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