2016 Volvo XC90

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  1. Briza

    The image has a picture of a white Volvo with a gray-white background in the center of itself. At the bottom left of the image there is a picture of colorful hands with hearts in the center of them. The background of the entire image is a light blue with different text on it that is colored two shades of blue, black, and pink. The text in blue describe the reliable qualities of the car. The text in pink tells of the benefits of having a Volvo for a person’s community. The text in black introduces the vehicle, where to find more information about it, and quotes a religious figure.
    The speaker is a marketer who is in the situation of trying to sell the Volvo to a specific audience. The audience is a community of religious church goers.
    The light blue background of the image conveys a peaceful feeling. The black, pink and blue text conveys a feeling of friendliness and reliability. The bottom left image of the colorful heart hands display a sense of community and care, as if from a church. The Volvo in the middle shows itself as being a trusted vehicle.
    It is evident that the audience of the advertisement are religious people because of the quote in black “For it is giving that we receive” by St. Francis of Assisi which appeals to people that believe in saints. Also this quote works to convince the audience of the ad that the Volvo will provide greatly for those that purchase it. The several texts that describe the Volvo as being a “safety ride to your local organization” and a “better way to help your community” portray the car as a vehicle that will greatly help those that own it. Finally, the blue background and the picture of colorful hands with hearts show that the vehicle can be securely trusted with helping and providing for anyone that purchases it.

  2. Marisol Martinez

    I can see why you thought the audience was for religious people, specially because of the quote. However the intended audience was for people who volunteer, a symbol for people who volunteer is a hand with hearts on it that’s why I included the hands. That shows their love for lending a hand and helping others, also the quote basically relates to people helping others. The more they help, the more they will receive for themselves. I also stated “what other way to help your community”, because when you volunteer you are helping the community. You did well at guessing the audience and you were supper close!

  3. Briza

    That makes more sense now! I was kind of confused at first but the quote from the saint made me think of religious people. I guess maybe it’s just that the word community and the phrase helping others makes me think of religion and church. To me, all religions mean being a part of a community that helps each other be better and more generous people.

  4. Kevin

    I like how you made people understand that you were talking to a specific community. The quote you used wrapped it all together to help me figure out you were talking to religious church people. I also really like how you displayed and made your Volvo ad with a variety of colors.

  5. Like Kevin and Briza I enjoyed the quotation. It’s funny (and also probably effective) that you’re selling the car as something good for the community — not for the individual who gets to drive it. I think the ad itself has too much text and might be a little distracting.

  6. Sabrina

    I think maybe you could’ve used more pictures to help other people understand that this ad was intended for people who volunteer. I knew the symbol personally because I always see it on shirts that they gave my organization in high school when we would volunteer. Other than that, I think it is an effective ad overall.

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