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4 Responses to Advertisement

  1. Evelyn

    The Volvo is standing on a pier. There is a city and a sunset going on in the background. The text is stating that the Volvo is a luxury car and with the background it indicates that the Volvo is high class.
    The audience is for people who want to live a luxurious lifestyle because the background and the text describe a high class type of living. The background is what makes the ad pop because most people would see a little bit of peace and ravishing scene that comes with luxury.
    The text capitalizes “first” so it may indicate a person who is buying their first car. If the person is buying their first car then the ad wants to make sure that the buyer understands the Volvo is a high class car, which is why the ad mentioned luxury twice.
    The text emphasizes the value of the car while the background gives the ad a classy vibe. They go together because they make the Volvo look like a luxury car comparable to Mercedes, bmw, and other luxury cars.

  2. Robert

    You got it. People who have never owned a car before. Awesome. I really wasn’t thinking too much of the luxury thing but I did add it because I saw somewhere that it is a luxury car so I just went with it. That probably did send a bit of the wrong message but they go together so maybe it can be about someone who wants their first car to be something grandiose.

  3. I agree with Evelyn that the ad highlights the Volvo’s luxury feel. I’m not sure being a luxury car would make it appeal to first-time buyers, though. Are there other reasons that you think first-time car owners would be interested in this particular car?

  4. Kathy Vo

    Your ad added so much inference on luxury. I felt that you are trying to target the wealthy people. Like Mr.Hixenbaugh, I also believe that it really won’t catch the eyes of people who never bought a car before, because your background says traveler while your slogan says rich.

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