Rough and Tough




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  1. Ashley

    Hey Valerie!
    Do you mind allowing me to access your advertisement? I can’t see it, because I need permission from you to access it.
    Thank you!

  2. Ashley

    This car ad shows a picture of a car driving through the woods and gives various facts about the specs of the car.

    The intended audience would be outdoor hunters or even a lumberjack. The speaker is probably a rough, outdoors man who can relate to a manly point of view.The situation would be obtaining a durable vehicle that could survive through the various surprises of the woods.

    One of the most convincing things about this advertisement would be the color change in the word “deadly” to a reddish color. This shows how the car could outlast the blood of an animal, as far as the hunter audience goes. It also shows the deadly nature of being a lumberjack. One could die easily from one fatal accident. Another major thing would be the list of specifications to this car. Most of them relate to a hunter’s job during the day and night. It shows how this car could aid a hunter in his work.

    All together, this advertisement is for hunters, primarily, who need a car that will live up to the standards of their job. A car that’s speedy, durable, and bright to aid in their jobs of killing animals and even go faster than the animals themselves to get to them and kill them quickly.

  3. Val

    Yay! You’re right! The audience that I was aiming for were hunters. I thought maybe that it was a bit harder to advertise this specific car for a hunter because it is not the ideal car for hunting.
    Oh and sorry about the trouble with accessing it. I couldn’t figure out how to upload it on canvas.

  4. I agree with Ashley that you manipulate the text and colors to sell this car. I think the ad itself could look a little more polished and organized.

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