Saddling Wild Tongues

It’s honestly funny, I have spent an entire semester contemplating, analyzing, and interpreting a single word: wild. Now here I am coming to the end of my semester and with that my deepening comprehension of the wild in a scenario relating to a patient’s tongue. I say this because all this research and analysis on this singular word is what will shape the answer I have about “How to tame a wild tongue”. Simply put you don’t necessarily tame a wild tongue directly; it is a mental thing. Your brain is directly connected to the rest of your body but more so through your senses. Control and relaxation of your nerves, senses, and mind cohesively will work to quiet and tame a wild tongue. The mindset and perception we hold mentally in regard to a certain event or scenario reflect how our body behaves. Hence, a wild mindset ensues a wild tongue and a calm mindset reflects a calm tongue. I think this was designed to spark a deeper conversation of how to tame situations, things, and ourselves when in wild environments, whether that may be mentally, physically, or even perceptually. In a way this question kind of closes the chapter in my personal opinion on how we understand and see what “wild” and “wildness” is in today’s society.

Niraj Patel

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