Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet who was among the most popular playwrights in the early 1890s focusing on stories of drama, criticism, and epigram. He is best remembered for his novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, which I personally think is an outstanding book due to its originality and plot, and his criminal conviction for gross indecency for homosexual acts. Although he was considered a celebrity and many were fans of his work, he wasn’t accepted when the public found out about his interest and who he had discovered to be. At the present time, Wilde’s work is still being used and studied despite his conviction and why he was convicted, giving us an idea that he is better received today than he was back in his time. He is considered to be a controversial figure because although he was a family man, he was known to engage in homosexual acts and had a sculptured figure with large genitalia over his grave. I personally think he is a wild writer because he was not afraid to introduce new ideas even when he knew these wouldn’t be accepted by society. I like how he didn’t care for the outcome of his actions and would do what felt right for him without fear of what others would think of him.

In the poem “Her voice”, he writes ” Sweet, there is nothing left to say But this, that love is never lost,  ” which I think really highlights the type of person he was. He seems to be very passionate about love no matter who it is with but how they make you feel.


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  1. mw38866

    I read the same poem by wild, and I really like the outlook you had on it. I feel like he focuses on love a lot. I also definitely agree with wild aspect of his writing because he was not afraid to introduce new ideas when he knew those ideas maybe would be controversial. great job!

  2. ts36942

    Reading the post, I wasnt convinced that Wilde is truly wild. You brought out the point saying that Wilde was not afraid to bring out topics that would be deemed controversial in that time period but I dont fully understand how. You didnt really give an example to convince me otherwise. Even the piece you selected to analyze doesnt seem wild by any accounts, moreover, even you didnt extrapolate the wildness in the piece at all. In my opinion Wilde is a great poet and a playwright but his work doesnt strike me as wild, just passionate, as you pointed out.

  3. sdw2623

    I like how you focus on his wild ideas and not just his homosexuality as a reason for him to be wild. I like how you seem to be touched by the poem about love.
    -Stephanie Wilhite

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