Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

Over Christmas break I went to Hawaii with my friends. At the beach some wild woman was sitting there screaming at random people for no reason. 

Some person in the grocery store was screaming outrageous things so I went to see who it was as soon as I turned the corner I saw a wild man.

My parents called me a “junglee” which in our Gujarati language means wild animal, because over spring break I didn’t wake up until 11 almost everyday. 

I was in the forest with my friends and we heard some noises that we’ve never heard before, next thing you know it’s a wild beast, the infamous black bear, and it began to chase us. 

The most wild thing happened to me last week, I was driving to get groceries and I stopped at a red light. I looked at the person driving next to me then looked away, just making a normal observation as most people do when you drive. This man rolled down his window started yelling at me and followed me down that street, it was very strange and wild. 

Niraj Patel


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2 Responses to Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

  1. jjg4922

    I love how you use the word “wild” in your sentences. It seems like you used in the rhetorical and slang way of while to describe something strange or crazy rather than undomestication.

    -Jaileen Gutierrez

  2. sdw2623

    I liked the way you used the slang way of using wild. It is funny to see your grocery store stories.
    -Stephanie Wilhite

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