What is Your “Wild(est)” Song?

The wild song that I want to focus on is “Famous” by Kanye West. This infectious trap single from Kanye’s 2016 album the life of Pablo is wild for many reasons. First, by listening to the production, there a lot of heavy bass and aggressive beats involved to help with the rather fast delivery of West. Secondly, the addition of the sample of “Bam Bam” to create a beat switch in the ladder part of the song is  genius because although normally it wouldn’t merge with a heavy trap beat but the way its introduced and mixed into the song is actually wild. Finally there is the lyrics. Kanye makes it clear from the beginning that this intense beat is going to be paired with lyrics that are equally or if not more intense then the beat itself. This song is about fame and what comes with it such as loopholes and easy ways out, that’s why when he says that “[he] and Taylor might still have sex] its goes along with what he was trying to say all along. Prior to this song Kanye famously interrupted Taylor Swifts 2009 VMA’s and became arguably one of the most hated famous people in the world. But as history shows today, that has changed and West has proved that even in his lowest moment he can return to the top. That is what he is trying to say in that moment and in others such as “[he] just copped a jet to fly over personal debt” its saying that money and fame can wash away problems that had haunted him in the past. For him to be so outspoken and to even boast about how has been so low but finds it so easy to return to the top is wild in itself because the whole “money fixes everything” is not something most people can relate to. Its a bold song, with bold claims and statements but, that’s why its loved by so many because although its not relatable, so many people strive to reach that kind of fame. To be “Famous.”

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  1. sdw2623

    I also did the song Famous by Kanye West. Kanye is a pretty wild person and makes music that stood out a lot in the industry with his sampling. I like how you talk about Fame and money in term of wildness.
    -Stephanie Wilhite

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