Blog Post 7: Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was an Irish playwright and poet born in 1854 and became popular in the 1890s. He was gay and considered different and wild for his different views and attraction. Wilde was thrown in jail and exiled for his consentual gay acts, where he later died. Wilde was involved with the aestheticism movement and published many poems. He wrote the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” where he was criticized for lacking morality. The main character, Dorian Gray, upholds admired beauty but also engages in “sinful” lifestyle choices. His work was not as celebrated due to his controversy of homosexual acts and for his character that followed a more hedenistic lifestyle. At the time, homosexual acts were illegal and extremly look down upon. Due to this, Wilde was considered “wild” and out of the norm. Oscar was also described as

Wilde was also considered a “wild” writer. Many of his poems had homoerotic messages and he had written many letters to his lover Douglas. 

-Stephanie Wilhite

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