Blog Post 2: Wild Films

A film I would consider to be wild is the Korean TV series Squid Game. This is a 9 episode long South Korean survival drama released in 2021, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. This series is about a contest where 456 people deep in financial debt risk their lives to play a series of Korean childhood games for the chance to win a cash prize of 45.6 billion won. The nature of the games is that if the players pass the game they can move onto the next round. However if they fail to complete the game they are murdered. I thought this film was “wild” because it was very violent, unusual, and deviated from what would be considered “normal” in today’s society. 

A specific scene that highlights the wildness of the film is during the first game of “Red Light, Green Light.” At this point, players do not know that they will be killed on the spot if they move during a red light or if they fail to win the game. As a result, when shots are fired there is a huge crowd of people running to escape the game, resulting in them being shot, and there is essentially a blood bath of over half of the players killed during the game. This scene was particularly wild because before this scene, the TV series is relatively light-hearted. However, this scene quickly turns violent and chaotic as the audience realizes, along the with players of the game in the show, the morbidity and inhumanity of this game. The scene depicts an unregulated, “wild” game which would never occur in normal society, as it violates countless laws and basic rights of human beings. 


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  1. Vivian Nguyen

    I also watched Squid Game when it came out on Netflix, and I do agree that this series is “wild”. The “Red Light, Green Light” game you mentioned, as well as the Tug-of-War scene, had me in awe because they were completely unexpected twists on childhood games. Not only this, but the survival nature of the contestants could also be described as wild. Actions, such as fighting. killing, and betraying others, portrays the strong human emotions turned into wild, extreme actions. I’m glad you thought of this example because I had forgotten about it while completing the prompt. Great job!

  2. njp768

    Squid Game was a fantastic example of a wild film. This is the literal definition of the word “wild”. This just showed how “wild” some people are and what they would do for money, putting their lives in danger, risking everything. The creators of this game have some wild imaginations. Simple games like “Red Light, Green Light” and “Marbles” had twists that no one saw coming. Very good example!

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