Blog Post #2: Wild Films

A film I consider as wild is Bird Box. It was released December 21, 2018 and directed by Susanne Bier. The main character is played by Sandra Bullock where she is the mother to two kids when tragedy strikes. A poisonous “something” is in the air and if someone looks at it, they instantly die or will do something destructive like light a house on fire before soon dying. In a desperate attempt to save her own life and the lives of her two kids, she blindfolds all three of them and sails down a river in hopes of finding safety. I think this film is wild in the since that I could never imagine anything like this happening to the world. Going from living a normal life to instantly being surrounded by destruction, confusion, and death caused by something you cannot even see, freaks me out and I consider that to be wild and crazy. 

Here is the trailer: (Links to an external site.) 

The scene I consider as the “wildest” is when they are in a makeshift boat floating down a river completely blindfolded due to the inability to look around. They hit rapids and even tumble out at one point. They desperately feel around and look for each other, afraid to take a fatal, wrong step. For me, rafting down a river in general is crazy, but the concept of doing it when you are blindfolded and fighting for your life is something so wild I could not even imagine it. They luckily *spoiler alert* survive and make it to a safety center, but I think this film is wild due to the unlikelihood of something like this ever happening to the world.


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  1. ack2234

    I think bird box is a great example of a wild film. I feel like horror/thriller movies tend to exhibit the most “wildness” as the genre is based on inciting a feeling of thrill from the audience. I remember watching the beginning of this film and just thinking how bizarre it would be if the tragedy seen in the movie occurred in the real world.

  2. kia326

    I agree with you because I also think Bird Box is a very wild film. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen to our society if we couldn’t use sight as one of our senses anymore. The fact that these characters are motivated enough to keep living in these blinding conditions is also beyond me.

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