Blog Post 4: Wild(est) songs, Famous by Kanye West

Famous by Hip Hop/Rap artist Kanye West in the album The Life of Pablo is a song I would consider wild. The song itself is written by an artist that many would consider pretty wild due to some strange statements and very public controversies such as running for president, his current pleas for his ex-wife, and famously his controversy with Taylor Swift. Famous came about after his controversy with Taylor Swift that occurred at the VMA awards after he interrupted her speech to say that another artist should have won. Kanye’s song lyrics say “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous” claiming that his controversy with Taylor at the VMAs is what made her famous.

This song is wild in that it sparked up controversy and lots of media coverage and comes from an artist that is also considered wild. “Famous” sparked a very public feud between the Kardashians (Kanye’s previous family) and her, leading to many celebrities and viewers picking sides. What I find wild is how a song lyric led to a very popular feud that got everyday people (non-celebrities) invested in this drama. It’s also very wild to make claims that another very famous artist became famous because of Kanye. Another very wild thing that occurred in this song was it’s music video. The video featured lookalikes of multiple celebrities, including Taylor Swift that were nude in a bed with Kanye. I believe it’s very wild to create a video that includes wax models of other celebrities while also dissing said celebrities. The song itself I don’t believe is wild in the way it was created and sounds but instead due to the effects that occurred due to the release of the song.

-Stephanie Wilhite


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  1. kcl928

    I found it interesting that the song has a heavy connection to the controversy surrounding Kanye at the time. The lyrics strongly calling out Taylor already felt wild enough out of context, but knowing what sparked the line made it feel even more extreme. The music video itself only adds on to the wildness; I was shocked when I saw it.

  2. ham2642

    I love that you chose this song because I also wrote about Famous. I think this song is the embodiment of the mind of someone who is “wild” in both good and bad ways. Kanye as both a person and as an artist made sure to create something that would make people question the Fame, and to have to look at multiple perspectives before making assumptions of why famous people do what they do.

  3. njp768

    I really liked that you used this song as an example. I had never seen the music video until now, and wow that was probably one of the most wildest music videos I have ever seen, with the events going on. I feel like Kanye West has always had controversy surrounding him, but to make an entire music video with celebrity look – a-likes is very wild. Kanye has always been on the fame wave, but it seems as if it doesn’t matter to him if it’s good or bad.

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