Blog Post 3: Play It Good, Play It Wild: Sports and Gender

Volleyball is a team sport played with two teams of six players separated by a net. The players score points by getting three hits to get the ball over the net following a set of rules specific to the sport. The main rules include that each team can have up to three touches to get the ball over the net, an individual player may not hit the ball two times consecutively, the ball may not touch the ground, players may not catch or throw the ball, the ball must fall within the boundaries of the court when hit to the other side, and players may not touch the net. There are the twelve people on the court, and the audience includes the people interested in watching or supporting the game. The game is typically played with all women or all men, but sometimes games are played co-ed (with both genders). In women’s volleyball the net is typically shorter than the men’s volleyball net, but all other rules remain the same. 

Although there are both men and women who play volleyball, the sport is more popular among women. Therefore, the audience of people that watch volleyball are probably more female heavy. My personal view of the interplay of playing sports and playing gender is that I think it is very nice to have a female dominated sport in a society where most sports are male dominated. The video shows clips of a women’s volleyball team playing and they are able to play the sport very well. Wildness in this sport might be displayed in the way that the ball is hit with much power and force when “attacked” to the other team.   

Kristine Chin

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  1. ham2642

    I love that you chose volleyball because it is one of the only sports were the opposite problem happens. Although both men and women play the sport volleyball is considered to be a woman dominated sport. I think that the wildness aspect of the sport is how in-sync the team has to be, everything happens so fast and the team has to work as a single unit in order to win a point.

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