Blog Post 8: Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

I saw a woman on the other side of the street dancing and singing without any music, she looked like a wild woman to me. 

There was a wild man running around the store with a gun, I was scared that he would shoot anyone who got in his way. 

I heard a very strange noise in the backyard that sounded like a wailing baby but, upon further review, it was just a wild animal. 

When I first met my friend’s dog he ran towards me and seemed more like a wild beast than a dog, but once he calmed down, he was tame at heart. 

My daughter is a little wild thing, constantly running and flailing around outside.

Anna Ranslem


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3 Responses to Blog Post 8: Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

  1. Jaileen Gutierrez

    I love how you used wild thing to describe a child . It really portrays how we describe children to be wild due to their energetic self.

  2. ehc592

    I love your description of wild beast, and how much you can understand the meaning of the word based on the context it is in. All of your sentences are so sophisticated. Great job!

  3. aew2976

    I liked your example of the dog! I found it interesting you chose that to correlate to wild beast instead of wild animal. Great job!

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