Blog Post 8: Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

-wild woman: The wild woman was seen hopping on the tables at the bar and kicking over everyone’s drinks as she danced around.

-wild man: Christopher was a wild man. He never stayed in any country for more than 2 consecutive weeks and loved to cliff dive.

-wild animal: The wild animal pranced around in a field of daisies, unknowing of the hunter hiding in the bushes nearby.

-wild beast: Provoked, the wild beast leaped towards the lost soldier and ferociously swiped at the man’s face with its sharp claws. 

-wild thing: Her poem was such a wild thing in her time. She portrayed themes of feminism and homosexuality when they were looked down upon in society.

-Vivian Nguyen


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2 Responses to Blog Post 8: Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

  1. ip4973

    I love your sentence for wild thing! Reminds me of the poems and literature that we have studied in class that includes theme of wildness.

  2. arr4257

    I like that your wild animal painted the animal in a pleasant light rather than give the animal the often negative connotation that comes with the word wild in that definition.

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