Play It Good, Play It Wild: Sports and Gender (Links to an external site.)

In this video, the audience is presented to the end of an unbelievable comeback from the Greatest tennis player of all time Roger Federer. From a set down and 2 consecutive match points down on the tie break, Federer was able to prove critics wrong once again and make the stadium of Rome roar in excitement. Tennis, seen as a more civilized sport, is seen to some as boring but this clip, it shows the power the sport truly has from its greatest artist. With that being said, due to its nature of bringing a more tasteful audience tennis has been able to build a bridge between both the men and women of the sport. Since 1973 tennis has provided players, of both gender, the same amount of prize earnings, for the entertainment they provided for audiences around the world. Furthermore, compared to football or baseball which is dominated by male viewership, tennis is one of the few sports where viewership is relatively close and I think it is due to its more elegant nature. Although equality in tennis among genders has been terrific, my critique of the sport is in its failure to intrigue more of a broader economic range. Especially in the United States, Americans have been found to be less intrigued by the sport due to other sports being more accessible, economically and that should change, Wildness in this sport is definitely present and we see it in the excitement of the crowd backing the now 40-year-old (vid he is 38) cement his place at the top of the list. For a game where silence plays a massive role, wildness is seen in between points by both the invested audience and passionate celebrations of the greatest to ever do it, both male and female.

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