Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

  1. Did you not see what she did in the shoot out scene of the movie, now that right there is a wild woman.

2. You know what’s wild man, the only reason flamingos are pink is because of the food they eat they are born white. 

3. The wildest animal in my opinion has to be the hyaena, what type of animal laughs at is prey just before its about to strike. 

4. I swear last night me and jason we just walking at night when this thing, this wild beast appeared out of the brush and sprinted towards the woods.

5. You know the wild thing is, I actually had only known her for a couple days but I guess certain people can really leave a mark on you. 


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2 Responses to Wildness as a Liminal Word and Humanimality

  1. jjg4922

    I like how your sentences incorporated “I” while implementing the word wild. I specifically love your last sentence because its something I would say.

    -Jaileen Gutierrez

  2. sdw2623

    I like hoe you use wild in relation to animals. I also like the usage of “I” in your sentences.
    -Stephanie WIlhite

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