What does “wild” mean?

The term “wild” has many various meaning depending on the context that it is used in. But, one of the main things people think of when they hear the word “wild” is uncontrolled, violent, and unexpected. Most people, think wild means living in the nature or wild animals. As I researched what this term means across a multiple different dictionaries, most of them defined it as “uncontrolled” or “untamed”. Despite the fact that this term as so many different meanings to it, we can all agree when we first see it we think of it as something in nature.  

I personally think “wild” means something that is very unique and different, as long as it’s not in the context of the nature. I took this class thinking it would be about “wild” animals in the forest/etc, but I’m sure glad that’s not the case because it seems extremely fun to actually learn about how many different meanings one specific word has, and how different cultures interpret that same word differently across the globe. My family is originated from India, a country in South Asia. My family speaks Gujarati, and in Gujarati the word “wild” is pronounced “junglee”. “Junglee” infers to wild animals in our home language and that is how the word is mainly defined. Even though I grew up in America, looking back at my roots I always under the impression that “wild” referred to animals. But as I grew up, I started realizing that people use it in a lot of different scenarios anything can we wild. For example, someone might say “wow the finish of that football game was so wild” or ” that storm last night was so wild”. 

Niraj Patel

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