Blog Post 1: What does “wild” mean?

The word wild can have various different connotations and denotations. The first definition that appears in most dictionaries such as the Cambridge Dictionary and Merriam Webster refers to the word “wild” as a way to describe something that is violent and without control or restraint. This definition of the word seeks to emphasize wild as something that is not tame and how the word wild is used to describe something that has a lot of energy and emotion and may be considered something far from normal. The dictionaries also define wild as a way to describe something that is non-human or more animalistic. This definition takes a more specific view into the first definition and ties the wild to animals and nature. Overall, the definitions from the dictionary focus on defining wild as something that is very uncontrollable and something that can be further connected to the wilderness and nature! 

When I hear the word wild, I think about something or someone that has no control and their actions are marked by an overcome of emotion or passion. For me, wild can be synonymous with crazy with some slight differences between the two! I think that the word “wild” really emphasizes the animalistic side and can be used to describe an action that brings out the inner animal in a human. In my opinion, this word “wild” does not have a negative connotation and can be used to describe things that are just crazy, full of energy, and almost carnal-minded. This definition of the word “wild” helps me to describe and understand the animal instinctual side of humans! 


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  1. vtn477

    It was very interesting that your perception of wild is more synonymous with crazy, energetic, and uncontrollable compared to other perceptions where “wild” is seen as something unordinary and simply unexpected. I like how you described the human ability to be wild as the “animal instinctual side” of a person. I believe your definition of the word wild is clearly reflected in the film “Wild Tales”. In the movie, the “animal nature” of humans to act solely based on strong emotions is depicted, and it presents how wild and immoral people can become. Great Job!

  2. aew2976

    I thought your idea of “wild” was extremely interesting. While I believe “wild” to be something that is daring, inventional, free, and unexpected, I loved hearing your different perspective. Your idea that wild can mean the “animal instinctual side” of humans was interesting and eye opening for me. I think we all have moments where we can spontaneously react and become this animalistic type character, therefore making us “wild.” I enjoyed hearing your perspective- well done!

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