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One particular film that I consider wild is “What Happened to Monday.” The movie came out in 2017, originally in France, and directed by Tommy Wirkola. The movie is a dystopian Sci-fi film in a world where overpopulation occurs. Due to the limited resources available, the government implements a law stating that each family is limited to one child. Any additional children are taken and put into cryosleep. One of the things that make this film wild, is that Terrence (the grandfather) is left to take care of 7 identical children. He does this in secrecy and names each child the day of week, which is the day they are allowed outside. I find this wild because they successfully do this for a while without being caught. Its wild to think that 7 different females must act as one and are only allowed to see the world on one day. Eventually, one of the sisters go missing, and the rest of the sisters try to find what happen to them. In this pursuit, they are found out and go through many hardships to survive. To add, they find the secrets of the government and expose the truth.

One specific scene that reflect my reasoning is towards the end of the movie. One of the sisters figure out the truth behind the additional children. The government told each family that all additional children are placed into cryosleep and are safe until the overpopulation decreases. However, she finds out that in reality, the children are put to sleep and burned to ashes. The government lied to the people saying that they are put away to be placed into a better world. They are killed by the government because they believe they don’t have any more space for them. The crime the government commits without any regard to other people or guilt is extremely wild to me. They knowingly kill these children with no remorse and continue to lie to these families. As I watched this scene, I was flabbergasted by how little importance they had for them and how wild they were to do this.

-Jaileen Gutierrez


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  1. Vivian Nguyen

    I have seen previews of this film, and I had a similar reaction to you regarding the wildness of the plot. I was intrigued by the plan the main characters had to put into place in this type of society. I liked how you used the word “wild” in this case by describing something unexpected, cruel, and needing a lot of effort to pull off. I find most dystopian films (one of my favorite genres of film) to be wild due to their unexpected, odd nature. New laws, government styles, and technology included in dystopian films such as “What Happened to Monday?” make films interesting to watch due to the unexpectedness of plots that make them “wild”. Good Job!

  2. ip4973

    Wow! This movie sounds really interesting. I love your take on the definition of the word “wild” and how you incorporate it into the unique ideas of the movie! Time to watch this movie!

  3. mp45754

    While watching this film I definitely had the word “wild” pop up in my mind as well. The sequence in which you see the 7 different sisters at home and their own personalities really sets the stage for the wildness of the plot and overall story. The dystopian nature of life in the entire film and the ending are both quite unsettling, but I guess that makes for a good film.

  4. aew2976

    I watched this film about a year ago, and I was completely floored by the entire plot. I thought the part of the movie where all the sisters gather each day to discuss every detail and interaction was so wild to me, but as the plot furthered, the movie seemed to get wilder and wilder each scene. By the end of the movie, my jaw was on the floor. This is a great movie selection for the definition of the word wild. Well done.

  5. ts36942

    Wow! why haven’t I heard of this movie before! I love sci-fi films and this is right up my alley. Even though the wild scene spoiled the climax of the film for me, I would watch it for Noomi Rapace alone. She recently starred in another Icelandic film called Lamb. I would call Lamb a mixture of wild and civilized cinema. Its a fantasy, horror rather than sci-fi but i’m sure it will satisfy the wild craving nontheless.

  6. lmr3855

    My brother told me to watch this movie and he said it was really different and wild. When I saw it I definitely understood what he was talking about because it really is wild! When they were explaining how all seven sisters had to pretend to be the same person I didn’t realize how serious they were about this and the extreme measures they would go to actually pretend to be the same person. What I thought was super wild about that was when one of the girls has an accident and cuts the tip of her finger off, they all get in line and make no excuses but accept the fact they are all going to have to get the tip of their finger cut off to keep pretending to be the same person. This movie definitely captures the term wild.

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