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One film that I would consider wild is Hacksaw Ridge. Hacksaw Ridge is a film by Mel Gibson made in 2016. It is a biographical film about the soldier Desmond Doss, played by the actor Andrew Garfield. In the beginning of the film, Desmond Doss almost kills his brother when they were fighting when they were younger. He says a poster of the sixth commandment, which reads, “Thou shalt not kill.” He then vows to never kill anyone. With this in mind, Doss still decides to enter the military and become a conscientious objector. He refuses to touch a weapon, but that helps him save many lives on the battlefield. His willingness and boldness to act on this make me see him and the movie in general as wild. My definition of wild here is crazy, and almost insane, as he is risking his life with no weapon to defend himself.

One scene, in particular, that is very wild is when Gibson, the director, shows a slow-motion scene of Doss running through the battlefield with a soldier on a stretcher. Doss is dodging bullets left and right with no weapon in hand. Although, the soldier on the stretcher has an automatic rifle just firing away in each and every direction. Doss really has the guts to go into battle, with all of this gunfire, risking his life for the sake of someone else’s life. This scene really hit me hard, as any one of those bullets could have ended Doss’s amazing life-saving career.

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  1. jjc4688

    I haven’t seen Hacksaw Ridge, but your post is making me want to watch the film. I really loved your synopsis of the movie. It gave me such a clear image of what the film was about. I also really liked how you defined the meaning of wild that you saw in the film, which helped me to better understand how wildness pertained to your film as well. I also really liked the image that you described in which you saw the word “wild” most portrayed in the movie, as you were able to depict such a high-action scene, and the wildness certainly came through your descriptions. I will definitely have to put this movie on my watch list.

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