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Blog Post 1: What does "wild" mean?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, wild means uncontrolled, violent or extreme. It states that it’s slang usage means very unusual in an attractive or exciting way. According to google the word wild can be used as an adjective or noun commonly. As an adjective it can mean not domesticated or living in nature, not civilized, lacking discipline, or can be indicative of a strong emotion. Google also notes that there are more informal ways to use it as an adjective. Informally it can mean very enthusiastic, or excited or it can also mean very angry. Wild can also mean something in card games. Card game players will use it to mean it has a particular value in the discretion of the player or game. As a noun, wild is commonly used to mean an uninhabited area or an area in its natural state or it can mean a remote or mostly uninhabited area. 


While dictionaries have a more formal definition of the word wild and describe its use to describe a general uncivilized demeanor, my own view and use of the word is less formal and more aligned with the slang description of the word. The slang definition and use of the word wild is to describe something as fun, cool, crazy, or unbelievable. This definition more closely relates to my usage of the word. I would use the word in the form of “that’s wild” in response to an audacious event that happened. I believe that this definition of the word wild is more commonly used in my personal communication with friends or daily lexicon than the more formal definitions that describe the word’s usage as one to mean uncivilized or of nature. While the dictionary description or the word wild is important, I believe that the slang or more informal definition of the word wild is just as important to know due to how much it can affect communication and understanding of what a person is trying to communicate to another individual or group.
-Stephanie Wilhite    

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  1. jjg4922

    I liked how you mention the significance of wild in card games. That definition didn’t even cross my mind when I was defining it. In the game of Uno, they have wild cards that can change the course of the game. They have the wild card that contains all 4 colors. The player picks which color they would like to change it to. There is also another one that is alike but not only can they change the color, they also give the next opponent 4 additional cards. Wild is use as an advantage or trick in card games.

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