Blog Post 2: Wild Films – Wild Tales

Wild Tales, directed by Damián Szifron and released in 2015, is a series of short stories that show the behavior of different people when they are each faced with what they believe to be unjust. In each story the characters are facing injustice and are driven to extreme behaviors in the quest of their own fulfillment of justice. This suspenseful comedic drama, like its title, is wild. This film is wild not by wild’s definition of nature or away from civilization, but instead by the meaning of bizarre, erratic actions, anger, or lacking restraint. Each story had the characters acting out in a very angry and extreme way. Most of the stories resulted in the death of someone, due to the angry and wild behavior someone exhibited. According to Urban Dictionary the word wild means excellent, special, or unusual. Each of the different parts of the film that occurred were very bizarre and very unusual making the film fit the more slang usage of the word wild.

The very first story that occurred in this film was very shocking and set the tone for how the rest of the film would play out. A character that was able to get everyone that wronged him on a plane and then crash it at the house of his parents is a very wild story. I was shocked to watch a story that would seem impossible, play out. It perfectly lays out how the other stories will be in that it surprises the viewers and re-sets their expectations for the film. The film itself I would consider wild due to someone thinking of the idea to put together extremely bizarre stories and constantly keep the viewers on their toes wondering what exciting yet unhinged event will happen next.

-Stephanie Wilhite


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  1. mw38866

    Great summary of the movie! If I hadn’t seen the movie before, I would completely understand its content. I truly love that scene of the movie as well because of how bizarre it is. You are correct in the fact that the director definitely sets the tone with debatably the wildest scene to start off the movie.

  2. aew2976

    Great synopsis! I thought this movie was insanely wild. Every episode seemed to blow my mind due to the aggression and violence. The driving scene in particular was the wildest for me due to the fact that anger drove both me to the limit ultimately costing them their lives. You did a great job summarizing the movie and describing the type of wildness portrayed in all the episodes. Well done!

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