What on Earth is “The Wizard of Oz”?

When reading the Wizard of Oz, I believe in saying that it is definitely for kids but does of course offer a message for the older audiences as well. Since the story is build upon more imaginative things its focus on children more so makes sense as adults especially at the time would definitely not enjoy the very unrealistic concepts that time as the United States was in a very depressive state as a country. Further more they way in which I do see this as a story for kids is it teaches children a lot of good messages that they should carry out in the future. There are concepts touching on encouraging courage, having compassion, wanting to pursue knowledge. These are all great things to teach children especially in the manner in which they are done, in a way where its more subliminal but eye catching enough for kids to remember, in relation to scenes with the Lion, Tin man, and Scarecrow. When looking at a scene which the word “wild” is used we can look at the scene in which Dorothy asks the Tinman if they would meet “any wild animals” and then after naming animals that fit that description. Animals that are unpredictable, bold, or intimidating, such as Tigers and Lion. What I find fascinating about the usage of the word is that although its used correctly it is foreshadow to the exact opposite that would happen in the story, meeting a lion who was timid and shy, anything but intimidating.

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