“Wild” Literature and “the Wild” in Literature

When comparing both “The Good Lion” and “Where the Wild Things are” both stories share similarities in how the main character is in a situation in which he does not feel two comfortable in. In where the wild things are the protagonist escapes the world to go into “the wild” to find these unique beings who are as “wild” as he is so he feels more comfortable. In the Good Lion wild is a bit more literal as they are comparing the wild environment of Africa and Italy, but also figuratively as the other Lions see the lion that is from Italy to be weird for not comprehending how the African Lions live on a regular basis. So while similar in how “wild” is used as the unfamiliar they differentiate in the setting. The Wild word explored in “where the Wild Things are” is strictly figurative as it is built in the mind of the protagonist, in comparison to the Lion which actually goes to the Wild location of Africa which is a bit more literal.

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