Play It Good, Play It Wild: Sports and Gender

College football is the specific sports branch I am giving an analysis about in this blog. No. 1 Alabama played No. 4 Auburn in the Iron Bowl late in the season back in 2013, when Auburn won from an answered prayer walk-off at the end of regulation. The game was tied 28-28 with one second left as Alabama was trying to win it with a 56 yard field goal, which is really far away for most college kickers, noted that this Alabama kicker was a freshman. Well, the kick was short, the Auburn defensive back caught the ball in their own end zone, ran it back for 100 yards and Auburn won the game. For most college football fans, this was one of the “wildest” endings to a game ever. The majority of the audience at the game were Auburn fans since it was being played at Auburn, but on national television most college football fans were tuned in because it was a late game which had crucial playoff implications on the line. College games like this is what recruits dream of playing in where ever they choose to go to school at, so in my opinion this game spoke to the recruits, and the people that do the rankings for the top 25 teams each week. In this video, the players are all males since that was the qualification to play football, but everyone male/female enjoy watching the sport. Personally, I think that any gender should be able to play whatever sport they admire. But, I do think that if females choose to play football, they should have their own league different from males. The reason I say this is because everyone knows football is one of the sports where injury is most prone to occur. Males are physiologically stronger than females so it they would be at a disadvantage if they got tackled by the bigger males which potentially could cause more injuries to the female. In sports, anything “wild” would be like a crazy ending just like in the Alabama and Auburn game explained above. 

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