What is Your “Wild(est)” Song?

The song that I consider “wild” is the popular song Memories, by Maroon 5. It was released on September 19, 2019. In 2020, it was number eight on billboards top 100 songs of that year.  In the music video, a guy is just lip reading with the lyrics as if he is reminiscing past memories of something he loved. This song is a nice song to listen to if you are just trying to lay back and relax get some work done because it is so calm. The reason I see this song as “wild” is because I was listening to it in the car driving back to Austin after winter break in January of 2020, when I heard the tragic news of my favorite basketball player and idol growing up Kobe Bryant, had passed in a helicopter accident. Hearing that news was just tragic, listening to this song then just made me reminisce on those past memories watching Kobe play basketball. I wasn’t the only one, the internet literally broke that day as Kobe was idolized by so many people are the world. Maroon 5, is a pop artist so most of his music is kind well not really “love” songs, but they are around that category. Adam Lavine, one of the singers in the Maroon 5 band, said that this song was for anyone that has ever experienced a bad loss. It was just wild to me how I knew that I had to listen to this song since it was the mood for that entire car ride back to Austin after hearing the news. 

Niraj Patel

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  1. sdw2623

    It’s interesting to hear that you think a song is wild because of when you heard it. A large loss in a wild way is definitely wild and different.
    -Stephanie Wilhite

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