What on Earth is “The Wizard of Oz”?

The target audience of The Wizard of Oz I think are most children. The communicator was the author Frank Baum himself. I see it as a children’s story because it’s more so like a child’s play. I say this because the main message of the who movie is practically that there is no place like home. The main character Dorothy is a child, who from my understand runs away from home, then later realizes what she’s done, misses home and tries to find her way back home to Kansas. Along the way she meet’s many different people that might not all want the best for her. Some of the other characters that were with Dorothy, such as the Scarecrow was looking for a brain which could be tied to having logic, so logos. The Tin-Man was reaching for a heart which can be tied into emotion, so pathos. Lastly, the lion was searching for courage which can be tied with ethos, looking for a purpose. In the end these three indeed get what they were so desperately searching for. I think that’s the authors message for the children, that deep down inside you have the qualities you are looking for, just have to dig deep and not give up. When ever you face adversity, just keep pushing, don’t stop. 

Niraj Patel

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  1. sdw2623

    Its interesting that you believe the story is just for children. Perhaps the story is written for mainly children to enjoy but also for adults to understand a deeper meaning.
    -Stephanie Wilhite

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