Selfies with Brad Paisley

I know your initial reaction would be to think this is my phone and Brady Paisley taking a selfie with it. Well………..unfortunately this is not my phone, but, if you look closely I am in the background waving frantically at the camera. So as Brad gave the phone back to the girl in the front row, she was quickly swarmed with people, such as myself, entering their phone number to send out the picture.

IMG_1074On September 4th, I visited Brad Paisley for the second time, this performance was at the Austin 360 Amphitheater. The first time I saw him perform was in 2011 at the Houston rodeo. Although I was not within spitting distance of him in 2011, I was still very impressed with his performance.  That was my first time seeing him live and really listening to his music. Quickly after the performance I was downloading all of his songs and had them on repeat. Along with having a great voice, Paisley is just a very entertaining performer. He is always moving around the stage and keeps the audience engaged. At one of Paisley’s concerts you will be sure to hear most of his classics which include: “Camouflage,” “Then,” “Ticks,” “Mud on the Tires,” and then to end the concert of course he sings “Alcohol”. Along with many more of his greatest hits, these were probably his most popular songs and really got the crowd involved.

While having big expectations from the first performance, Paisley definitely pleased my needs the second time around. Even though Carrie Underwood did not make a special appearance to sing “Remind Me,” it was still a great performance.  Although he performed a majority of the same songs, he still impressed me with his lyrics.  One thing you will be sure to get at a Brad Paisley concert is the same voice and you hear on the radio. His voice on the radio and his voice live are exactly the same which shows there is no tampering in his albums. Side note, one lucky boy even received a guitar from Paisley himself after playing a song with it then signing it.

IMG_1057One interesting thing I learned at this concert was how much Paisley uses the violin in his songs. Besides  Paisley strumming the guitar most of the time, I would say the violin was the second most used instrument in the band. The violinist also received the most solos, behind Paisley of course, and was very impressive during this performance. Overall, Brad Paisley always puts on a great show. You will never die of boredom or stop tapping your foot along with the rhythmic melody is his songs.  I would strongly encourage anyone to get see a concert of his if the opportunity is available, you will not be disappointed.

I would like to hear about anyone else’s experience at his one of his concerts or any other thought yall may have! Thanks for reading.


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  1. Mark Anderson

    I thought this was a really interesting post, not only because of the initial picture with Brad Paisley, but also because of how talented I know he is. Unfortunately I have never been to any of his concerts, but I definitely want to get to one at some point. But, I have listened to a decent amount of his music and I have friends who have seen him live before. He is just as talented, if not even more so, than anyone I have ever heard and his songs are very catchy. he also seems like an incredible performer who knows how to get the audience involved and give them exactly what they want. Overall, I definitely want to go see one of his concerts if I get the chance to see him in action.

  2. Elizabeth Stack

    In middle school Brad Paisley was my absolute favorite. Someone played “Whiskey Lullaby” for me, and even though it is crushingly sad, I immediately fell in love. A year or so later Brad came to San Antonio and I begged my mom to take me. Taylor Swift, who was just starting her career, and Rodney Atkins were the openers, and both gave awesome performance. By the time Brad came out on stage the crowd was super geared up, and he totally fed off the energy. My Mom wasn’t even a fan, and loved it! I haven’t been to one of his concerts since then, but it sounds he’s still a great performer. I can’t say he’s still my favorite country artist out there, but I do still have a soft spot for him. There’s just something about Brad.

  3. Amy Burt

    I’m going to be honest Zane, my heart jumped when I saw that selfie with Brad Paisley. Although I think some of his songs can be a little on the corny side sometimes, he will forever be one of my favorites. One of my favorite songs by him is an old one “Mud on the Tires” because I think it’s a classic and when I first started listening to country music, this was a song that I would listen to all the time. I actually got to see Brad Paisley play last year at Stagecoach and thought he was the best performer I saw there, I seriously did not want to leave the venue when he was done because I could have watched him forever.

  4. Lejla Pracic

    Wow! I must say you got me in the beginning because I definitely thought that was your personal selfie with him. That is so cool how he did that. Brad Paisley is awesome. I have always loved listening to him. He was actually one of the first country artists I listened to when I started listening to country music. His music has a lot of catchy beats that just make you want to tap your foot every time you hear it. Even though I have never been to a Brad Paisley concert, I’m sure he puts on a great show. I would love to one day attend one of his concerts and maybe get a selfie with Brad Paisley on my phone.


    As I was writing this comment I was listening to Brad Paisley!

  5. Dustin Hixenbaugh

    Sadly, I have not yet caught Brad in concert. He’s probably at the top of the list of people I want to see ASAP. This business of performers taking selfies is fun and crazy. Do you think the woman whose phone he used will ever replace that phone with another? Maybe someday we’ll see it on E-Bay: $500 for the phone Country Hall And Famer Brad Paisley used to take a picture back in 2014. The only comparable experience I have is when I saw Green Day and the lead singer threw his beer at me.

  6. Dustin Hixenbaugh

    Also, Amy, YES! I also love “Mud on the Tires.” I think it’s the cheesy/sentimental version of “Ticks,” which kind of is a dirty version of the same song.

  7. Ramie Payne

    Wow I am so jealous of that selfie! I have tried going to a Brad Paisley concert twice and have failed both times due to weather. I love Brad Paisley. Some of his songs are my favorite songs of all time and listening to his music always puts me in a good mood. It made me so happy reading your post and seeing that he takes selfies with his fans and gave the boy the guitar that he used. That says a lot about his character and his devotion and love for his fans which makes me like him even more.

  8. Victoria Horvath

    I’m always so blown away seeing and reading about how amazing Brad Paisley is, not only in his musical abilities and talents, but in his interactions with fans! It’s such a letdown when you really love a musician but they seem to care less about the people who got them to the point they are out, so it’s so refreshing seeing that Brad Paisley genuinely wants to make his fans happy. The selfie picture definitely drew my attention to this post, as I’m sure it did for lots of other people, but that’s still awesome that you’re even IN the picture. I’ve never been anywhere near the stage during concerts (poor college student problems haha) so I’m insanely jealous that you were close enough to actually take pictures with him!

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