Home Is Where the Rodeo Is

San Antonio, Texas. I hold so much pride for this city, seeing it is my hometown. There are so many unique aspects to the city whether it be Fiesta, the Alamo, or our five time NBA champions, the San Antonio Spurs. Yes I love all of these things, but the one event I look forward to most is right around the corner. The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is one of the best ways to experience the culture and music of country life. From the clothes to the food, this event has “country” written all over it. I have been to rodeos in other places such as Austin and Houston, but nothing compares to San Antonio’s. I think I may be biased in the fact that I call San Antonio home.

I remember my first rodeo like it was yesterday. I was a little six year old wearing a blue jean skirt, vest, cowboy boots, and a black cowboy hat. Needless to say I was dressed to the nines for the occasion. My dad took me and my friend early so we could walk around the rodeo grounds. After a short visit to the carnival, we finally went into the AT&T center and took our seats. We sat in the nosebleed section but watched each event in amazement. It didn’t matter where we were sitting, that we were there at all was good enough. Then it was time for the entertainment. Brooks and Dunn came on stage and I sang my little heart out. Having listened to country music since birth, this was the epitome of my six years of life. I have been hooked on the rodeo ever since.

My friends and I at our latest rodeo

My friends and I at our latest rodeo

My rodeo experience has come a long way since then. This past year I was fortunate enough to sit in the first row for the show. I knew I would never be able to experience a rodeo any other way. Being up close and personal with the rodeo clowns and cowboys was incredible. My friends and I sat with our boots up on the fence as cowboys riding horses passed by, occasionally kicking a bit of dirt our way. I have to admit though, it was a bit scary when the bulls came close to the fence.

Tim McGraw shaking my hand as he passed by

Tim McGraw shaking my hand as he passed by

Finally it was time for one of my favorite country artists to perform. I was on the edge of seat in anticipation. Tim McGraw gave one of the greatest shows I have ever experienced. He sang his new and old hits. Finally when he was finished performing he participated in a much loved post show ritual. He rode in the back of  a pickup truck saying “hi” to fans and shaking their hands. Words cannot describe how I felt when coming in contact with one of my favorite people. I know no rodeo experience will ever live up to that moment, and I owe it all to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

I am so appreciative that I grew up in a city that allowed me to express my love of country music. Rodeo season is quickly approaching and once again I will be in attendance. This year I will be seeing Hunter Hayes. Yes, front row again. Hopefully I will be able to see more of my favorite artists this year, but going to school here in Austin makes it difficult to make it down for the shows. Maybe I will give the Austin Rodeo another go round, but I know there is nothing like home.

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  1. I haven’t made it to the San Antonio Rodeo yet, but it’s on my list of things to do. You’ll have to let us know what you think about Hunter!

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